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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Give-a-Way and Year Wrap-up.

Nest and Feather Series

6x6in oil on canvas panel. Give-a-way

I decided to offer a painting which is dear to my heart.
I have not offered my nest/feather series on my blog
before but I am genuinely grateful for the friendships
and support the followers of my blog have shown and
thought someone would care for a painting like this.
If you are interested in having your name
in the hat, please let me know in a comment why you 
would like to have it.
As he did last time, my hubby will select
the winner.

Looking back on the year I think the single
most important area of my art career was
the response to my Fracturing video.
All the frustration became worthwhile
as the complementary comments came in
and even more importantly - the sales continued
to climb. As I am not even computer literate
and had never worked a video camera before
I have been humbled by the forgiveness shown
for the unprofessional teaching remarks like whoops
and off with its head! Plus noises in the background etc.
It was difficult for me to do as I was on my own, but
I have been asked many times to do another one
and am thinking it over.

Another really neat thing was having a painting
chosen by a New York City collector  Ken Ratner
His collection has some of the old great masters,
 but he selected quite a few blogging
artists and I was honored to be one of them.
After saying that, I realize I value each 
and every person who buys 
a painting, admires a painting and takes the time to 
leave a comment. I feel very blessed.
I wish you all a successful year of painting or collecting
with good health and much personal happiness.
I look forward to visiting your blogs and being inspired by
the amazing work and genuine sharing.

Oh, almost forgot - I will not be participating in the
30 day painting Challenge this time. Too much going on.
 I wish those of you who do, a very enjoyable experience.

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  1. Happy New Year Julie! What a lovely way to start :) Your birds nest is beautiful, no one does them quite like you. A couple of months ago I was inspired by your series to paint one too, and I was so delighted you liked it. The thought of having one of yours in my studio to admire everyday would be wonderful. P.S. I like the 'off with its head' and 'whoops', I thought your video was charming :) Leesa

  2. Oh enter my name please! Imagine starting the year with a Julie painting, your year will just keep getting better and better.
    Happy New Year to you and family.

  3. you are a gem and a treasure - it was an honor to have you as a painting companion this pass year and I'm looking forward to our 2014 art adventure!

  4. Please enter my name. To have that painting in my studio would be so inspiring.

  5. I'd love to be able to view the wonderful textures of this painting close up.
    Happy New Year.

  6. Dear Julie, have a nice start of the year! Happy New year to you and your family!
    Put my name in the hat please ....
    The reason why I would like to get your piece of art is ....
    This is very beautiful and I love to watch, so I'd like to caress it with my eyes every day, on a wall of my house!

  7. You had a very successful year in all of the ways that matter but especially with the support of the people around you. Here's to more of the same for you in 2014.

    It's always a compliment when anyone would like to live with your art permanently. Please put my name into the hat:)

  8. Generosity and depth of painting experience make up your spirit and personality. I would love to see your work hanging on my wall everyday for pleasure and inspiration.

    Happy New Year Julie

  9. Well, Julie...I think this painting is beautiful and for me, know that you painted it makes it that much more special. That is the only reason I have. What an honor to have a collector love your work to add it alongside the masters' works. Your work is magnificent and I am ever so glad I found your blog.

  10. Happy New Year Julie,
    I love this painting as I do all of yours. But mostly I love the inspiration you offer your readers and how you share your tips with us. That feather kind of stands out as a signal of how proud the builder of this nest is and that anything is possible.

  11. I love the COMPOSITION
    I love the COLORS
    I love the TEXTURES
    I love the SUBJECT
    I love the FRACTURING
    I love how your painting gives wings to my SOUL

  12. As a child, finding a dropped piece of shell from a robin's egg felt like one of the biggest treasures to me - and finding an entire nest on the ground, still intact was beyond exciting. I'd always pick them up and bring them home. I still feel that way today! Your painting evokes those feelings for me and I think it's beautiful!

  13. First, a healthy and happy new year to you.

    The painting has hope and sorrow and loss. A little painting with a lot of emotion.

    Some thing to think about.

  14. Your talent and generosity are both grand. I follow your posts everyday and even though I am not painting at this time, I find them tremendously inspiring. You have brought out the very best artist in me. I would adore your feathers.

  15. Please enter my name. As always, I love it! Happy New Year!

  16. I enjoyed your video very much & look forward to the next I would love to have the painting for inspiration but not to try to paint a nest. Way too hard I'm not doing 30/30 either I've done it twice & my studio needs some attention .

  17. Oh My Goodness!!! I would LOVE to have this feather painting!!! Seriously- your video made a huge difference in my painting "trial & efforts" this year- taking on something quite new to integrate into what I was already doing....and I'm really excited at what has come about as the result of it! I have watched that video over & over (and giggled at every 'whoops' or 'off with it's head'....(in a funny way it was sort of comforting to know that every artist has those moments!).
    Congratulations on being in Ken Ratner's collection! I'm feeling pretty lucky to have one of your market scenes in MY collection!! :-) Best wishes for a creative & prosperous new year 2014!! Cheers!

  18. Put my name in the hat please, Julie.

    I still reckon you should setup a video school.

    Here's to a Happy New Year1

  19. I can't wait to get my 'puter fixed so I can watch your video. Can't think of anything better than winning your painting to look at while I view the video. Happy, Healthy New Year !

  20. Julie, I would be thrilled to have any painting of yours. You have been remarkably supportive of my work and incredibly influential. I would jlove to see your work up close!

  21. Hi Julie, Thanks for all the encouraging comments you have left me on my blog. As busy as you are, you took time out to look at my work and that means so much. Your painting is beautiful and please enter me in the drawing! Have a happy and productive New Year! Blessings, Egretta

  22. Hi Julie, I have so enjoyed your blog posts this year. You're very generous with your skills and insights, and I appreciate that. I would like to have this painting to give to an artist friend to encourage her in her painting series of birds. Thank you, and happy new year to you!

  23. Hi Julie, Happy New Year! Although we have never met in person, I feel you are such an authentic, kind and caring person, which I think comes across in your work. I was immediately drawn to your work when I first saw it on the Daily Painters site. I have been as long, as I can remember, a collector of natural objects, rocks, shells, sea pods and leaves. I can’t resist picking up a feather I find or an insect, a lifeless beetle or dragonfly. When I was little, I was thrilled upon finding a Robin’s eggshell in my back yard. I would be honored to have your painting, Nest and Feather. It would hold a prominent place in my studio among my collection of natural findings and in my heart. Thanks for sharing all that you do!

  24. The first day of this new year seems like an appropriate time to thank you for your help and kindness throughout 2013. I was first attracted to your paintings because of their beauty and artistic merit. I appreciate them more fully now that I've gotten to know you through your writing, teaching, and kind online comments. Thanks, Julie, for sharing your joy - it's infectious and has provided a "north star" for my own art journey. Peace and happiness to you and yours. Happy New Year!

  25. Thank you for continuing to inspire me in 2013. I would of course love to have a painting of yours on my studio wall for further inspiration. I love your feather paintings and the colours in this are wonderful. I am in the 30 in 30 challenge against my better judgement. I've decided to make it fun by painting a lot of studies from the masters. Little 4" x 4" gems which are a step up from my diminutive ACEO. Thank you for your encouragement. :)

  26. I remember when I first saw your paintings....I is she achieving that cool geometry?? Then you offered your Artbyte tutorial, I took it and I was wowed by your process and how forthcoming you are. Pretty sure a lot of others would keep all this to themselves, you know "trade secret" and all. What your video shows best is how to achieve an "active" atmosphere and I think that that is it's greatest contribution. So many of us hadn't learned how important it is to be willing to destroy passages and restate them for the sake of the painting. You are so generous to make that instruction available...and at an affordable price too. Does this sound like a advert for you? haha. Too bad. It's New Years and I am allowed to crow about you.

  27. P.S. put my name in the hat for the painting.

    I want it, because it reminds me of a Buddhist philosophy..that every moment we are born and die, but we continue.

  28. I'm including a ps as well. Please include my name in the hat. My husband is an amateur, though avid, birdwatcher, and has plans to become more involved once he retires - we have birdfeeders throughout the yard that he watches over and keeps filled with birdseed and suet. I would love to give that painting to him as a harbinger of a happy retirement.

  29. Wishing you and your family a wonderful and joyous New Year. I would love a chance to win your beautiful painting, so enjoyed seeing the Nest and Feather series. Thank you for sharing your joys and sadness with us this past year.

  30. Hi Julie: I love bird's nests, they are so full of our story. The lost feather speaks to me of regeneration, the nest of home.

  31. This happens to be my favorite painting from my favorite series by one of my favorite artists, Julie!
    If it were mine, it would feather my nest of inspiration....hatching new ideas! At each glance in the morning a new muse would take flight. A huge treasure trove of technique within a 6x6 frame!
    Yep, I want it. :)

  32. "I'll leave a feather," said the finch
    to let them know I care,
    The sparrow spoke up presently,
    "I, too, would like to share."

    The robin and the bluejay dropped
    a feather on the ground,
    While Mourning Dove let loose of his.
    It fell without a sound.

    A feather is a message
    from the bird that left it there
    To remind us all of little things
    incredible and fair.

    Julie, please enter me in your drawing and thank you for you've given to all of us.

  33. Hello!
    As I sit here and look at your painting, I believe this would look just beautiful in our home and that we would cherish and admire your art each day.
    Many Thanks for the opportunity.
    Happy New Year & Blessings for Alabama!

  34. Well Julie, I could say a lot but what really amazes me is when artist like you take the time to comment and encourage artist like me who are at the bottom and literally crawling up from the bottom. You work inspires me so much thanks. I would love to be the winner of course

  35. I would love to win this one, it is lovely, but since I got one before, my chances are slim to none.
    I love how you play with thickness and structure on the nest. One can almost touch the nest. Well, you know where I got the inspiration from... =)

  36. Julie,
    Life is fragile and your talent captures some beautiful moments for us to treasure. The nest has a tiny story to tell. I can hear my grandsons creating their tales about what happened as they look at the painting. I would love to own and display the painting in my home.
    Thank you and Happiness to you all the year through.

  37. I've enjoyed all of your feather paintings. They are so delicate yet strong. The same thing goes for this lovely piece. The eggs are beautiful and the composition is stunning. Congrats on some great things in 2013 and here's to much more for you in the future.

  38. I fear that I am going to die of a broken heart and seeing one of your paintings in real life would bring some joy back into my life.

  39. Wow Julie. It's an education just to read the above comments. I think they answer the old question about why we do art. Amazing and enlightening.
    I will say it with my words. Why would I like to own this painting? I would like to feel the texture, absorb the colors, study the composition, ask it what it has to teach me and then to just be with it. It is certainly about life, spirit, oneness. What could be better?

  40. This is another beautiful painting Julie! I love all your paintings..they are all so full of color, texture and all so unique! Beautifully painted, as always!

  41. I would love to have any of your paintings Julie! I love your feather series, for many reasons.The best thing that I see in all of your work, which you also said yourself ,is that you paint from the heart. It is a great reminder as to why artist paint.

  42. Ah Julie - it would be such a privilege to have this painting. It is gorgeous. Your art is always just wonderful. I hope you had a lovely New Year and am so looking forward to all my visits to you in the coming one. Take care and God Bless. P.S. - Julie I think the blue poinsettias are much like Hydrangeas that come in different colors (not sure but will have to check it out). I have had pink, white , and of course red. Bought my mom one year for Christmas a not sure that they do dye them - they may. Take care and have a wonderful day.

  43. Loved this painting (on daily paintwork) even before I knew you were giving it away! Wonderful piece....and I would really like to add it to my art collection! Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  44. Hi Julie, I have been following you on Daily Paintworks for some time now and love your work. Your feather and nest series and your teapots are some of my favorites. I am an artist too and look for inspiration from others and your technique intrigues me. Since I am new to your blog, I don't feel it is fair of me to "Throw My Hat In The Ring" for your painting but would treasure it if I were chosen! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and paintings. All the best in 2014

  45. Such a wonderful painting in your great signature style Julie! I'm sure the lucky recipient will treasure it. I would of love it of course, but there are so many more worthy tilts at the prize - I've enjoyed reading them.
    Happy 2014!

  46. wow Julie, just found your blog and I guess right at the right time ;-) Beautiful work

  47. You have had an amazing year Julie and it's been such a joy to follow your art and I think your video was perfect...a highlight for sure! I loved seeing your New Mexico Vista on Ken Ratner's Pinterest and it goes so beautifully with his collection.

    Is it too late to be included in the drawing? If not, I wish to be included simply because it's a Julie painting...AND it's so special because not only does it have a feather, but a nest with eggs too. Such a symbol of your art in 2013. Beautiful!

  48. My very best wishes for a happy and healthy 2014 for you and Jim. I know Jim will pick me to receive this beautiful painting....I'm sending thoughts your way, Jim!

  49. I love bringing the outside inside, and I love beautiful original art (in the eye of the beholder) I would love to behold this painting in person if I win!!!

  50. It was a great year for you-Congrats! But, that makes it great for all us following your work which continues to inspire! Thanks !

  51. Who wouldn't want that beautiful..painted from the heart painting? Please put my name in the hat


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