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Sunday, January 5, 2014

And the WINNER is...

Artist Note.
My hubby really took his duty seriously
and read and pondered over each and
every comment. He had four he narrowed it
down to. Took him forevah!

And the winner is.....
Marjorie van Dorm.  
who wrote...
I love the COLORS
I love the TEXTURES
I love the SUBJECT
I love how your painting gives wings to my SOUL
Congratulations Marjorie!
Jim loved your comment. Me too!

The other three he really liked were from:
Celeste Bergin, Carol Flatt, and Kim Minichiello
so if the three of you would like a print 
of the painting then
email me your postal addresses to

Thank you everyone for all the great comments. 
It gave me a real boost and I truly do appreciate the
fact you liked the painting and took the time to let me know.

I had hoped to answer them all before now, but
I was busy with another important project which
took place on Friday night.
I organized a fundraiser for Hospice
to honor my friend Kris who passed on at the
end of October, See HERE
It was important to her to be able to die at home
and Hospice enabled her to be able to do
that in comfort and dignity.

It was a one night event in the gallery Kris and her
husband, Jim, own.
Over thirty local artists generously
donated their work and the Hospice volunteers
were on site with their credit card machine.

Here is Kris with her radiant smile.

It was heartwarming to see
our community turn out in force and BUY for such
an excellent cause. It was a
take off the wall and carry to the counter situation.
100% donation to Hospice.
Very exciting to see the lines of activity.
Hospice folk were over the moon about the amount raised.
Out of 40 pieces of work only four remained and
I know they will soon be purchased.
I had lots of help from everyone
so didn't do it all myself, but I am bushed, and need
some down time. I miss my dog and I miss Kris.
Glad the 13 in 2013 has gone and 14 sounds much better.
I will soon be back to visiting all your blogs
and being stimulated by what I read and see.


  1. I would have loved to have that one, but in all fairness, I got one amazing painting already.
    Big congratulations to Marjorie and the others

  2. Yay for Marjorie! And what a lovely event you just described. It warms the heart to think of so many caring individuals all in one building for such a good cause.

  3. I second Roger's sentiment! Congratulations, Marjorie - what a nice beginning to 2014!

  4. Lucky Marjorie! The event sounds amazing and a great way to pull together for your friend. I'm sure she is smiling from heaven as well.

  5. So glad your event raised a goodly sum for hospice. Kris is beautiful.

  6. Congrats to Marjorie and the winners of the prints. How cool is that!

  7. I love how you put your feelings into action. You are proof that the art spirit is powerful! Your paintings are amazing and so is your generousity!

  8. Dear Julie - congratulations to Marjorie - her words definitely should have won her the prize. Also so happy for the amount of money raised for Hospice. It is such a caring organization not only to the dying but their families as well. God Bless you Julie for moving out of your own troubles to reach out and do such a good work. My heart goes out to you because I know you are missing your sweet dog too. Sending you a big hug. Take care.

  9. Dear Julie, it's nice that you have associated
    the joy of the giveaway, with the memory of your friend and selling art to raise funds for the Hospice and remember your friend with concrete action. It seems to me that the new year starts well with all the activity that is part of your life and that the memory has become strength to act and to live in your beautiful community.

  10. Very beautiful, congratulations !!!
    My best wishes for Happy New Year 2014 !!!

  11. What a wonderful, heart-warming event, Julie. I know everybody involved lovingly and generously wanted their work to go for such a good cause as hospice in memory of Kris. Their work with patients and families is amazing!

  12. What a wonderful event, Julie and heart warming to read about. The memory and love of your friend is well memorialized in your efforts. I too am glad to see 2014 arrive - and am hoping it will be a stellar year!


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