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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Freesia Arc

Freesia Arc
6x8in oil on canvas panel  $125.

Trader Joe's Blessings - flowers at a reasonable price
...and Triple Ginger Snap cookies!
Chewy little bits of ginger in the cookies...Oh YUM!

Artist Note.

I painted this one right after the other freesia painting
shown a few days ago. They were so beautiful I felt I
could have continued painting them all week.
I did a watercolor sketch of exploration and discovery first,
and I can see how after I started, I followed my internal
response to the rectangle versus the square.

I can also see how much more color is in the oil painting
than the watercolor sketch.. Must have been those cookies!

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  1. This is SO beautiful Julie! Outstanding colors and texture! A gorgeous piece! And I'm so amazed at how fast you painted this!!

  2. It's really interesting to compare the two mediums (media?) They each create a different mood and feeling. I think it's good practice for an artist to redo a piece in a different medium, once in a while. It always helps me learn more about all kinds of things that I never would have noticed. Your work is wonderful, and I admire your dedication to your art.

  3. Alive with color which creates a joyous mood. Truly a happy painting.

  4. Enjoying this painting. The colors are beautiful.

  5. Gorgeous burst of color! I love the yellow blooms, your color choices are always excellent. Great idea to work out a rough sketch first...and cookies always help especially if there is ginger! :-)

  6. Love the juicy colors, Julie! Floral explosion of color!
    I really like the watercolor also.

  7. Beautiful! I loved seeing the watercolor study too! You can always count on TJ's! I miss it. I've been deprived since moving from CA in 1998! But, alas, they are finally building one in my area! It can't open fast enough for me.

  8. sigh,wishing for a Trader Joe's close to us! The colors in this are so vibrant & wonderful...and my eyes travel around to those most distinctive blossoms....well placed, it's a beauty!

  9. Super Julie, the excitement you have for the subject really comes out in this vibrant piece!

  10. This is soooo beautiful! It's almost 3 dimensional!!

  11. Dear Julie - this painting just blooms brilliant color. Thank you too for sharing your watercolor study. Definitely looks quite different from your oil one. Both show a lovely artist's touch.

  12. Ah...beautiful Julie! I used to have freesias growing in my garden, I love them and their perfume, I can almost smell these:)


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