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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Freesias and a Neat Product


5x7in  oil on canvas panel  $100

Beautiful freesias bouquet from Trader Joe's in Albuquerque.
I love having friends who travel up there and bring me
back  flowers to paint..

Artist Note.
This demo shows a bit more detail than the last floral I posted.
But still trying to only suggest the outer flowers by
shape and color.

I want to share a wonderful product from
Fine Art Name Plates
When I had my bird nest show last year I had a very large
painting of a Sandhill Cranes's nest and ordered a name
plate for it. See below.
This is what the owner came up with for me. He placed a
beautiful Sandhill Crane on the plate.The people who bought it
were just as thrilled with the name plate as they were with the
painting. They said it added a lot of class.
I truly believe it helped sell the expensive painting...and for
a very small amount of money.

The company has different sizes, prices and different shapes
Yes- that is a Twachtman  plate at the bottom.
They also have an excellent clientele which they would not
have if they did bad work.  I thought I would pass it
on as everything I have had a plate made for, has sold.
Maybe the plate had something to do with it?
The gallery I am in loves them.
And just in case you are wondering in my family owns the business!!!!


  1. as a former florist, I love freesias. The fragrance is absolutely delish. Just like this painting. Beautiful!

  2. Those name plates are very handsome. I agree, they really add to the whole.
    And your flowers. You are succeeding in suggesting and then in the front, the white and the yellow make beautiful curves going through the whole. Yes, indeed.

  3. beautiful painting! and this is indeed a great idea!

  4. I think flowers are so difficult to paint, which is why there are not too many in my paintings. You paint them so impressionistically. I LOVED the pink flowers a couple of posts ago and as I studied it I was in awe of your technical ability.

    The name plate you made for your large painting is perfect. When I was at the Met in NY I was looking at some of the nameplates and wondering if anyone made them anymore. Now I know they still exist. It is such a classy touch...but I bet my bottom dollar your paintings would sell even without nameplates.

  5. The name plates are wonderful, Julie! The bouquet even moreso!

  6. This is an explosion of color and structure, but so controlled at the same time, I love it.

  7. What a great idea! It really finishes the painting and adds a whole other level of refinement to it. Make no mistake though. Your painting skill is what sold that work!

    Beautiful flowers as always:)

  8. A beautiful floral, Julie....I love the lavenders and purples ..they bring out the white flowers so nicely. The name plates are SO classy and it makes the paintings even more beautiful.

  9. I love this painting Julie. And the nameplate idea is brilliant.

  10. PS I shared your blog to GET YOUR ART OUT THERE, my Facebook Group :)

  11. Very beautiful flower composition with very amazing colours of lovely the freesias !!!
    Have a nice weekend !!!

  12. I love these flowers - beautiful painting! And the name plates are very cool idea!

  13. Beautiful combination of color and brushwork.

  14. A gorgeous bouquet that shouts, "Spring is here!" Roger is correct. It's like an explosion of color!

  15. It's great how your application of thick paint directs the eye to look where you want it to see, Julie. All the outer marks become beautiful flowers because of the power of suggestion.
    ( I tried to leave this comment earlier...but I think I hit the wrong button and it all went bye-bye.)

  16. Beautiful bouquet that does shout Spring--if only I could believe it. Flowers are the thing to paint these dark, cold days. They brighten the spirit and warm the soul. I love the name tag idea! It's ideal for larger paintings with a pricey price tag. Very clever Julie.

  17. What a riot of colors and shapes Julie , the whole bouquet is popping out!
    Love the name plates.

  18. love your beautiful freesias...and happy to learn about the name-plates for paintings. Yes...very classy!

  19. Julie -these freesias are so lovely. I am so glad you have friends who bring you beautiful flowers to paint. I am so anxious for spring and something to bloom here...thank you for sharing these pretties with me. Have a great day.

  20. Beautiful painting. Roger's comment is apt.

    Love tj's; daffodils especially.

  21. Those flowers are just bursting off the canvas! Wow! And I will save the link for the name plates - a really wonderful idea! Thank you, Julie!

  22. I can smell those freesias! Love the colours and texture!

  23. thanks for all the comments everyone. Sorry I could not get to answering them all


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