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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Blue Mountains - Southern Colorado

Blue Mountains -   Southern Colorado

8x6in  oil on canvas panel   $125.

The season's dead grass and weeds
form intricate patterns of muted colors
against the backdrop of beautiful
blue mountains.

Artist Note.

I lived in Denver for 8 years and really
enjoyed the beautiful scenery all over
Colorado. The grandeur of the Rockies
knocked my socks off, but I often
discovered my heart beating faster with
the closer, more intimate beauty of the
patterns created  by the weeds...
or water skimming over a rock.

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  1. Definitely the weeds hold the most mystery for me. Depth and interest and then you wander back into the painting. Very nice. I can see that I need to visit that part of the country.

  2. Beautiful combination of golds against blue, such a gorgeous landscape! I love the texture in the weeds!

  3. Wow, this is beautiful, Julie! I love that singing blue sky and the vibrant orange complement in the foreground.

  4. I love this one, the contrast between the cool blue sky and the warm earthy colors, the smooth sky and the structures of the ground and the composition. Great work.

  5. I bet Colorado was wonderful for inspiration but you are right. It's the small stuff that we may not notice right away. We have a TON of interesting weeds here to ponder. I have extra too so I could send you some...:)

  6. This is so pretty...the blues and browns mingle so perfectly. I love how you paint lights and's always so well done. Denver is only 7 hours from Wichita. We've been there many times. One of my childhood friends lives in Aurora. If I lived in Colorado, I don't know that I would get much painting done. I would be out hiking...enjoying the weeds and watering streams.

  7. Another gorgeous painting, Julie. I love how abstract and loose it is up close--and how resolved it looks from a distance. The surface sings!

  8. This painting knocks MY socks off with its wonderful colors and stunning subject matter. I felt the same about Colorado...everything is a painting just waiting to be painted.

  9. Beautiful landscape - eye catching. I think the thing that has me staring at it is the 'deceptive' simplicity of it's abstractness (I'm drawn to landscapes like this) and especially the subtle use of carrying all those colors through-out the painting.

  10. this is beautiful! i feel the sunlight!

  11. Color, texture, brushstrokes. You have the winning combination. Lovely. Again, I tip my cup of Earl Grey to you.

  12. Just downright gorgeous, Julie - the color, the color, the color!

  13. Another outstanding painting, Julie. I've never been to Colorado but would love to visit it someday!! I love the blue mountains and how they fade in the distance.. Nicely done!!!

  14. You've captured so much depth and atmosphere in this painting Julie. The colours are so vibrant. I love it!

  15. I have a cousin who lives in Denver, Colorado (well Aurora). Hope we can visit someday. Such lovely colors just as I would picture it my friend.

  16. Julie, you use neutrals with such skill. I love how the neutrals let the yellows, blues and greens sing!!! Beautiful!


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