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Friday, January 24, 2014

Roses in a Water Glass.

Roses in a Water Glass

6x8in oil on canvas panel   $125. SOLD

Painting the rose again while it is still fresh.
No peacock feathers this time.

Artist Note.
My mind and hand have only just started to
settled down from the trauma of painting the
previous post of peacock feathers and roses
in the tiny area of 7x5 inches!

I thank you for all the great comments about the painting
and want you to know
they helped guide my sanity back to the land of normality.
Although we all know it is good to push ourselves out
of our comfort zones, next time I choose to paint something
so complex -  I will do it on a much easier, larger size.

This one went much faster and was painted mostly with
a knife


  1. this is soooo beautiful! I really love the blue of the glass - the whole painting is electric!

  2. Hurray for easy street. Problem with saying that is...this doesn't look easy either.

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful!

  3. Those roses are lovely and those subtle color changes really make this pop, especially the glass.

  4. Love the freshness. For some reason, this looks like a happy painting. The blue is just glorious.

  5. lovely painting...I really love the blue in the glass!

  6. Absolutely Beautiful!! Just love your color sense. Makes me want to get out my oils and palette knife.

  7. The peacock color in the glass. Beautiful.

  8. I find these piece just absolutely stunning, Julie. It looks as though the leaves are coming towards you from the glass and the colors are just so beautiful! The rose itself is amazing!

  9. Your work with the palette knife is wonderful Julie! I love the splash of blue on the vase....beautiful color!

  10. The blue glass stole extra attention than the rose but the rose itself is so beautiful!

  11. I love the blues in this one! Really nice one!!!

  12. Wow! So loose an colorful! Beautiful!

  13. Hi Julie!
    Thank you so much for your recent comment in my blog! I so appreciate your kind words!
    I love all your latest works.
    You use color and the palette knife so well.
    I am amazed that you are able to get all that wonderful art on such small surfaces.
    Your Feeling Better Art Buddy!

  14. Flowers do invite palette knife. Noting does petal better. Beautiful Julie. --I'm as awed as Michael with those miniature jewels.

  15. Julie - this is beautiful. Love all the complex colors found within the ivory roses. It seems like the knife painting adds so much texture too which makes these lovely flowers come right off the canvas. Thank you friend for sharing. Have a great day.


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