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Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Four Callas

The Four Callas.

8x6in  oil on canvas panel   $125. SOLD

The elegant Calla is another flower
I really like to paint.

Artist Note.

Today I mailed off the prints for the
runner ups from my give-a-way.
It felt really good. I had three
6x6in giclee prints made on canvas by the
finest company I know for producing exact
color reproductions. Fabulous eye - honest.
I rent my downtown studio and gallery from
the owner and so I am very familiar with
the high quality. All archival. I have never had
a giclee made before as I like to
protect the owner of the
original, but seeing this was an artist thing
I went ahead and am pleased I did. Afterwards
I painted a little texture on them - let them dry,
and then sprayed with the important light

If you are looking for a company to do a giclee
or other type reproductions
then you may be interested in inquiring by
following the link below.

big picture digital lab


  1. These four callas are beautifully painted, Julie!! thank you for the link on giclees.. I will be checking it out....

  2. Stunning Julie! Who said even numbers don't work. You prove that anything goes if the composition is correct!

  3. these are so very, very beautiful - and thanks for the link!

  4. Lovely calla lilies Julie! So elegant! Thank you for that link. I was starting to consider giclees and I might look into it.

  5. Callas is a lovely flower and you do them very well. Love the glow of those whites.

  6. The richness is amazing. It is a beautiful painting.

  7. I've reviewed all the posts I've missed in the past few days and of course, am blown away by your work, Julie. Love the colorful freesias (and if all it takes is some gingersnap cookies, then count me in!) and these callas are beautiful!

  8. Simply GORgeous, Julie! My eyes saw the word "Callas" first thing, and I thought right away of Maria Callas the opera singer. Your "Callas" are just like her...stately, tall, proud and demanding of one's attention. This takes my breath away! Bravo!

  9. Beautiful callas, great captured depth. You are still the best, Julie :) Happy New Year!


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