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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Calla Lily Trio

Calla Lily Trio

6x8in oil on canvas panel  $125.  SOLD

These three callas were the last to bloom on the plant.
Drooping, I tried to extend their life putting them in water
I am always amazed at the different sizes callas come in.
These are the smaller ones you find on the house plant.

Artist Note.
First let me thank you for the beautiful messages of sympathy
for the loss of our much loved dog. They were gratefully received
and treasured. My husband was in awe of how many emails as
well as comments we received. So many of you understanding
because you, too, had lost a beloved pet.

I miss her when I arrive home from work so I asked my hubby
to meet me at the door with his butt wagging and panting how
pleased he was to see me!
It worked last night and it made me laugh.

When I look at the difference between the previous red teapot
and the painting above, I can see how mood enters into my art.

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  1. Yes, but look at the warmth trying to peek through from the background. I love callas and these are lovely. Kind of lazy and gentle. And by the way, you have a great husband.

  2. beautiful painting! my little guy got a note from his doctor saying that he is a 'senior citizen' now so he wonders why I kiss and hug him a little more than usual each day! hope you continue to heal each day!!!

  3. Isn't it lovely and comforting is to have a nonverbal, yet tangible way to express feelings? Both paintings are beautiful, and each portrays an emotion.

    Your hubby sounds like a gem.

  4. Talking about moods , what immediately struck me was the 'simplicity' of this painting , you would normally fill the background with things, but here it is clean and almost empty compared to your usual style. Still amazingly beautiful and still clearly with your stamp on it.

  5. well, I wrote up a comment about this painting as well as your beautiful dog...only to realize maybe that I signed out instead of publishing??? If you get two comments from'll understand that is what happened. I missed your previous post about your wonderful fur-friend. It is so hard to have to give them up. It is our gift to them make their transition to the rainbow bridge easier....but wow, does it ever hurt! This is a beautiful painting...and yes it seems to run a parallel with the you sought to "extend life". We do wish our pets would live as long as we do! It honestly doesn't seem fair. Big hug to you and your h. xo!

  6. Seeing your husband with his butt wagging at his joyous meeting you at the door greeting would make me laugh too. So glad he was up for that spark of mischief and joy and laughter for you. This painting is so beautiful. I must confess that the red teapot is one of my favorites...There is such a happy feel in it...

  7. A very calming and serene painting, Julie, and very beautiful. So sorry about the loss of your pet.

  8. Beautiful painting with lots of emotion in it, thoughtful and peaceful. I hope painting will help you heal. Kind regards,

  9. Those calla lilies look so graceful (even though you said they were on their last legs!).

    Glad you are a little better. It is amazing how our moods affect our work.

  10. Aw, I'm sorry about your loss. I still look in those special corners where my old dog, Smokey, used to be. :) Dogs are so special... The painting is awesome! It's so expressive and full of richness and elegance! Well done!

  11. Your husband is a good sport! (and it made me laugh, too - just at the thought of his mischief!). These lilies are a quiet-calm beauty.

  12. I am so sorry for your loss. I just read about it. What a difficult thing it is to put a beloved pet to sleep. I couldn't do it; Ellis took charge. My heart goes out to you. And yes, our art definitely reflects our lives. You lilies speak volumes.

  13. Julie, I love the design of this..full of gently sweeping curves. Very contemplative. Loss is very hard, but I know that painting will expel some of the grief for you. Thinking of you and yours.

  14. How absolutely adorable of your husband! One can only imagine the scene!! And I couldn't agree more about one's mood affecting one's painting. I think it's one of the most important reasons for us to matter what. Each mood really does show through and I felt your mood here very clearly. It WILL get better...promise.

  15. Lovely composition that is soft but got great contrast in temperature and values, lovely work.
    I wish you a Happy X-mas and a Happy New Creative Year

  16. Love the design and painted with sensitivity! I like to think art reflects our personality:)
    Wishing you and your family a Happy Christmas!

  17. I can look aty own paintings and see mood. Love this. Your sensitivity comes through.

  18. I never thought of the colors as a reflection of your changed mood...but yes I see this now. The painting is so beautiful and it's so blue like your sweet girl was.

    Keep on mending and keep on painting friend.

    And tell your husband he rocks for trying so hard to bring you smiles.

  19. A beautiful painting, Julie!!
    As I wrote earlier, it's extremely hard on a person to lose their faithful furry companion.
    Had to laugh thinking about your husbands marvelous efforts! Has he taken up staring at the leash for walks yet? Lol.
    Blessings to you both.

  20. I think that's a terrific idea. The enthusiastic greeting.

    Mood does come through, in this lovely painting.


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