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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Birthday Flowers - Spider Mums

Birthday Flowers - Spider Mums

8x6in oil on canvas panel  $125.

These flowers were part of several bunches my
oldest, and as he says, the most handsome son, R.J.
and his significant other - sweet and beautiful, Wendy,
gave to me. I have never known the name of this
bell shaped blue/mauve flower

Does anyone know what they are called?
The bouquet is now 10 days old and look how
 fresh they still are. I love them.
I painted this after a full day of teaching, but was on
a high from seeing such good work being done
in the workshop. Hungry now so heading home!

Artist Note.
I am conducting a workshop on the
Fracturing technique and today was a lot of fun...
for me, but hard work for the artists attending.
They all left seemingly enthusiastic and will be back
for the easier part tomorrow.
I start them off with learning how to fracture with
the handy tool using  complementary colors across
from each other and move into another color,
creating neutral areas. Then we move into objects
one from imagination and one from life observation.
I ask them to immediately write down how they achieved
what they accomplished. Handy to refer back on.
Here are two typical worksheets. I will show more

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  1. Your flowers are so much better than the real thing, so exciting. What lucky students you have :)

  2. Look at how the flowers dance through the painting. Very nice indeed. Fun to see the worksheet and looking forward to more. Will be using the tool tomorrow in class as we move toward abstract.......

  3. Are they a type of campanula? I love your flower paintings, Julie, all of them! As the other lady said they are better than the real thing!

  4. Love the colors in the white of the Spider Mums, I agree with Leesa, so much better than the real thing! Those worksheets are very interesting too, I wish I lived closer so I could take a workshop:(

  5. Lovely floral painting as usual. I love how subtle it is, and the perfect photo show the structure of the paint, I can almost touch it. It shows how you use paint to enhance shapes and volume, great work. Am also doing a lot of floral experimentation, but in my style of painting. It might not be showing, but you are part of it.

  6. My first thought on those flowers are foxglove but I am not sure. Ah well. Such a beautiful painting! Wish I could take your class. I think I'd be best served with a drawing class. I've taken at least two already, plus my own work at home and I'm starting to think I am just one of those people who will never be able to draw. The only way I get a nice piece is if I use a grid.

  7. I always enjoy the info on your teaching and learning process. Sounds like fun!

  8. Yah! A full and productive day plus a beautiful bouquet and painting. That's a whole lot. Those are good exercises (to do and remember) and I am hoping to see how the rest of the class goes:)

  9. This floral is amazing, Julie! The colors are amazing as well as that texture you achieve !!! Love this one!

  10. They are Canterbury Bells. Google Chrome has lots of images. Love the painting. Karen Rodgers

  11. Dear Julie - canterbury bells (campunula family)- you painted them so beautifully too. Really enjoyed seeing your fracturing lesson. Thank you so much for sharing. Hope you have a beautiful day.

  12. Wow! You always paint lovely florals - but you paint spider mums like no one else!!! Gorgeous :)
    Since many of us don't live that close to you, may I suggest another how-to video?! Your pear one is delightful and I, for one, would always love to see more... (hint, hint). ;)

  13. Another great floral!! Looks wonderful, Julie!

  14. beautiful flowers! would love to take your class!

  15. My goodness, we get to see beautiful paintings while also learning little gems to add to our own work or at least give food for thought. Thank you Julie.

  16. You are definitely a busy lady ! Love this new bouquet , so vivid ...these Campanula are really amazing !

  17. More birthday flowers! What a lucky lady you are....or maybe a kind and generous woman who is greatly appreciated by her family and friends. Hmmmm, I think that is probably correct.

    Love the spider mums, beautifully painted.

  18. Hi Julie,
    This floral is amazing.
    Really enjoyed seeing your fracturing lesson.
    Love the colors in the white of the Spider Mums.


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