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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Reflections #1


8x6in oil on linen mounted on panel  $135.

Reflections from a water feature I visited
in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Artist Note.
This piece is the start of what I hope will 
be a series of paintings 
based on the reflections
created by a stunning Water Feature
I visited last year

I made sketches and took lots of photos. 
enjoying that inner feeling of excitement 
all of us artists get
when something really connects.
I wanted to start a series and as luck
would have it, Carol Marine came out
with some 
marvelous water reflection paintings
on her blog at the same time
so I put the idea on the back burner.

BUT the images still persisted.

I had wanted to see if it was possible 
to "fracture" something so fluid
It has not left my mind so 
I am looking forward to seeing 
what develops.

Just in case you are interested...

I have completed the HUGE painting
I was commissioned to do. Here are some 
images. The first one has the underpainting
showing at the bottom
with exaggerated warm and cool colors
at this stage..

Too large for my easel  

These two panels are made to go over a large
flat screen TV - sliding apart at viewing time.
Each panel has to hold its own in the 
design when parted, and yet become 
seen as a complete image when together.
They are mounted on an oak,
three inch deep frame so they 
would not fit on an easel.

I placed them on two tables
 each panel is 48"x30".
My reference photos are up 
at the side for easy viewing.

Block-in wash  -close-up
Same area below -completed 

The painting is so large that reducing it down
to the viewing area of the monitor 
makes it lose the looseness of the mark-making.
so I thought some close up images may help.

The family wanted their three dogs
included. Two have passed on, sadly,
one during the painting process.

It is the largest painting I have done using the 
fracturing technique. The new owners love it!


  1. What a nice post! I always enjoy your talent and creative energy!
    Thanks for sharing your commission, too! It is so COOL!

    1. Thanks, Sue. talking about creative energy...YOU have to be a master at it.
      Your linear weavings with paint are amazingly harmonious.

  2. Water flowing in your first work is awesome, water that never stops ... great reflections in motion!
    The second work really impresses for complexity, art work that tells many stories at once ... I understand the happiness of the owners of your masterpiece and also your effort to paint with fracturing all these things at large size !!!
    Always nice to see evolution of your work in progress,dear Julie ...interesting even take a look in your beautiful studio !

    1. Hi Rita, You always make me feel great. Thank you for your thoughtful and encouraging response.
      Your post on the beauty of flowers - beauty, rebirth and eternity- really touched me. Thank YOU!.

  3. Loved the various aspects shown as close ups in this masterpiece! I so much look forward to your reflections series, this is beautiful!

    1. Thanks so much, Padmaja. I am feeling excited about starting a series on the water reflections after a "dry" spell.(pun intended)

  4. What fantastic pieces Julie! I think the fracturing technique lends itself well to the large format as well, great idea covering the TV too. Can't wait to see some more water reflections :)

    1. Neat to hear that you think it was a good idea to cover the TV. I do too. - thanks Leesa.
      I had a little shudder at your furry fellow!

  5. Terrific start to your series.

    The market scene is amazing, lucky owners.

    1. Hi Jean - thanks for that.
      Your foreshortened nude is amazing. It is the hardest position for me to do and you nailed it.

  6. Bonjour chère Julie,

    Une série qui s'annonce divine... Le travail des reflets dans l'eau est fascinant. Un redoutable challenge parfois pour apprivoiser le secret qui subsiste entre l'eau, la lumière et les couleurs...
    Enfant et encore aujourd'hui ! je suis fascinée par le pouvoir qu'a ce "glouglou" à s'emparer du mystère des reflets.

    Je suis sous le charme également du travail extraordinaire avec cette immense peinture où la vie grouille dans chaque détail. Cette farandole de couleurs qui vit au rythme d'une très belle scène de marché !
    Bravo l'artiste ! Vous êtes très talentueuse...

    Gros bisous ❀ ✺ ❀

    1. What a fabulous comment. is the translation.
      Hello dear Julie, a series that looks divine ... The work of the reflections in the water is fascinating. A formidable challenge sometimes to tame the secret which exists between water, light and colors ... and Child today! I am fascinated by the power of the "gurgling" to seize the mystery of the highlights. I'm in love also the extraordinary job with this huge painting where life teems in every detail. This medley of colors that the rhythm of a beautiful market scene! Congratulations to the artist! You are very talented

    2. Thanks Martine - Quite profound... Tame the secret - love it!
      I think you are a wonderful artist and your colors are beautiful.

  7. I adore your new series! Beautiful capturing of moving water and I love the little yellow leaves.
    The market scene is a masterpiece. I want to get lost in all the gorgeous details. Lucky the people who are getting this in their home!

    1. You noticed the leaves! - great. They are what attracted me the the reflections in the first place. There was a spider sitting on a leaf as it swirled around and got such a kick out of that. Did it cop a ride or was it saving itself?
      I love your watercolor interior...the light is beautiful and I enjoyed seeing all the details which told a story.

  8. Of course the new owners love it, Julie! It is really phenomenal and I love that you added their dogs to this piece - which makes it so personal. I love that these two pieces will cover a tv and you can enjoy it as a whole diptych or as two separate pieces when apart. The water/reflections study is gorgeous too...I found myself want to just splashily wade in the edges!!

    1. The dogs took longer than anything else but you are right, they do add a personal touch and it makes it worthwhile. Thanks for adding the right insight.
      The water reflections are going to keep me interested in something new for at least a few paintings.
      Glad you have a new blog. new is getting better for you.

  9. That is just gorgeous! And so huge! Beautiful light and details; everything just works so well.

    Pat yourself on the back, my friend. This is a huge accomplishment:)

  10. The reflections in the first painting is amazing...I really look forward to seeing more in your series Julie!! Your commission piece is absolutely fabulous!!! The details are wonderful ... my eyes take me all over this canvas and I love those dogs..
    No surprise to me that the owner of this painting loves it!

    1. Hi Hilda, thanks friend, you are always so supportive.
      Your barn painting is great and I especially love your greens.

  11. You have been busy. The paintings look terrific, full of life. While the idea of covering the wide screen with painted panels is interesting, it seems unrealistic except when the client/designer decided to do it by commissioning an artist. Larger work becomes you. Get a bigger easel and do it more often.

    1. actually Linda, the tv is in a room where the client does business and covering it up looks much, much better. At night when the family is together each side smoothly slides apart.
      I have a large easel. with a crank. This had almost 4" deep sides and was not balancing securely. It worked fine on the tables.
      Looking forward to seeing you back in color.

  12. wonderful stuff! I also follow Carol Marine. love her work also.

    1. Her work is fabulous isn't it? I took a workshop from her four years ago to learn about blogging as well as painting. What a great teacher.
      Thanks for the visit.

  13. I love water scenes and this is no exception. Can't wait to see more. What a major undertaking with your commission! Awesome work! And what a great idea to have a painting used to hide a tv!

    1. I bet you see marvelous reflections every day, Kaethe. I love the way I can see sky reflections or change my focus, look into it and see the bottom.
      Your street scene is amazing and I love the yellow stripes on the road. The way you painted the shadows on them is spot on.

  14. You and Carol Marine - great minds think alike! Your painting is stunning. I can get lost in that water. And your commission... What a challenge with all those reference photos, and what a lucky family! They made a good choice in having you help them realize their vision.

    1. Thanks Chris. I can say the same about your new pieces. Stunning!

  15. Wow! Your farmers market painting is simply stunning! There is so much visual interest that I could stare at it for hours. I've scrolled up 3 times already while writing this to revisit it and I am sure I will be back! Great energy and movement in your reflections painting. It will be a great series!

    1. YOu make me feel so good. Thanks Bhavani.
      Your calla lily made me feel good too. Loved it!

  16. You did a great job on the commission, what a challenge! Onwards to those beautiful reflections...!

  17. Julie, your work is truly amazing! What an absolute treasure you've created for this family. It's a painting that one can look at multiple times and see something new each time. It's marvelously rendered, - I like the glow - but an extremely clever way to provide variations in display and utility in covering the flat screen! Both panels absolutely work together and separately! Just a fascinating work of art!

    1. I think you are amazing, Carol. That is exactly what the client said...they could keep finding new things to see in it. I am pleased you like it. I value your opinion. Hope your husband is much much better and your life is getting back on track so you can paint again.

  18. Nice post with very wonderful art work !!!
    Interesting colours and reflections !!!

    1. Thanks. You paint with beautiful colors and do beautiful buildings. I love to see places I have been.

  19. This is really an incredibly impressive work, so many details and so many stories told , of course the owners love it , it's fantastic, how couldn't they ! Looking forward to seeing the series with water reflections.

    1. You are very sweet, Jane. I think your new floral painting is brilliant! I love it.

  20. First of all Reflections is incredible. I always get a jolt of inspiration when I visit your blog...which I plan to do more often.

    and this large painting gives me chills!! how could the new owners not be bowled over!! OUTSTANDING WORK!!

  21. Lovely job on the reflections painting!!! That should make a great series! The large painting is super. It must be so great to watch it come apart and back together. What an interesting concept.


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