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Monday, March 9, 2015

Farmers Market Scale

Farmers Market #5

This is a re-post.
I chose it because it has what could be
a valuable insight for you on a way I 
change my focus
when painting from a photo.

Artist Note.
I have had so many inquires asking about 
my lack of posting
I thought I had better do something positive 
instead of feeling glum.

I am going through a dry period.
It is not an artist's block...
there is a root cause that I do not want 
to go into, and thankfully,
 I do know it will pass.
Thank you for caring and sticking with me.
It means a lot.


  1. Thank you for sharing this with us again Julie, I was drawn to it right away. A wonderful save. Best to you and may your dry period end soon!

  2. Hi Julie, this was one of my favourites...take care of yourself, I'm also not blogging at the moment for reasons other than art related :) You could repost for the next year and I would still love to see your work.

  3. Hi Julie, i am very happy to see your wonderful work, this painting works so beautifully on an abstract level. I hope for short dry period and I am looking forward to see again your great new paintings !!!

  4. Ah Julie...I do know what you are going through and I'm in pretty much the same spot, as you know. I know that coming via an internet comment it isn't much, but I do send you hugs. I'm walking with you mentally here. May all be resolved sooner rather than later...somehow...and in a way that ultimately brings joy and lessons learned. If that makes any kind of sense. Love this farmer's market scale!

  5. Have been missing your posts, this is so beautiful, my best wishes for you!

  6. I always enjoyed this one. Glad to see it again.

    And glad to see you again! Take care of yourself ans keep plugging along:)

  7. Yes, thanks for this post. I'd not seen it before so the lesson that went with it was a great reminder of how to focus on the 'main idea'. the painting itself is gorgeous, so painterly, gorgeous colour too.
    feeling glum is the pits, but we wouldn't be able to be artists if we didn't feel all things. hope you'll be on the mend soon:)

  8. Missing your posts too. Please know we are all here for you, would do anything for you, and love you to the moon and back!

  9. Hi Julie, I hope everything works out for you. Sometimes the "stuff" in our lives pulls us away but we always find our way back home to where our heart is. I'm praying for you! Hurry home! :)

  10. Sorry to hear about the down period Julie. IT'S ALL MY FAULT! A comment on my February 22 post took all your good energy and gave it to me. Now sending a hot cup of Earl Grey and a hug to restore and balance your wonderful vibes. Love this painting of the scale.

  11. I have wondered where you were. Sorry about the slump. Maybe it's the change in seasons, the change in time, a change in life? I haven't been to the studio to paint in days myself. Everyday, I keep thinking maybe today?

    Eliminating a 'noisy' background is a definite part of painting from photographs. Also paying attention to the volume of the forms via darkening darks and pushing up the lights. Painting from photographs require sculpting in a two dimensional space is how I think of it. You did a great job on this charming painting. Great title too!

  12. The blog is really a mirror of our life ... when we are dealing with something different ... we stop publishing.
    I hope that the cause of this is not a bad, reason as sorrow and concern, for you.
    We as followers, we are sweetly used to your Art Talk, dear Julie, and I hope to have soon a lot of beautiful and good thinghs to share,here. Sending my hugs,Rita

  13. Hoping for better days for you! You deserve it!

  14. Indeed good advice, Julie. I, too, have felt that overwhelmed feeling from trying to include too much...and things that aren't necessary I later realize! Thinking of you and wishing you good thoughts.

  15. I'm so glad you're reposting this beautiful painting, Julie. Just remember, I'm thinking of you and hope everything is good with you and your family!

  16. Julie.. so nice to see your post even if it is a repost. Love this painting and good advice on eliminating unnecessary details. Hope you feel better soon :)

  17. I hope all will be well soon! I do love this beautiful painting! Hugs

  18. I missed this one Julie and am glad you re posted it...I love it! I have trouble with photos too! I do hope the block doesn't last too long and you can resolve it. Your paintings are wonderful and have certainly lifted my spirits at times when I've been miserable:)

  19. I understand taking some time off ---sometimes it's really a good idea! I love this painting. Have a nice "hiatus"....! :)

  20. Love this piece Julie, and it was very interesting to see how you managed to claw out the details you didn't need. I wish I were as good!
    Thinking of you from bonnie Scotland xxx

  21. I love how you are able to block everything out except for the scale, great inspiration. Wishing you all the best.

  22. New art, older art, we don't care which...we just love to hear from our Julie and see her incredible paintings. This is gorgeous. Hugs, hugs and more hugs.

  23. How lovely to see a beautiful favorite like this! Take Care

  24. Love the light and colors!!! Glad you are posting...and I hope it helps with whatever you are going through.

  25. Your colour makes me happy.
    What a fantastic piece!


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