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Friday, July 31, 2015

Escargot For The Ducks!

(Ducks at Young Park)
8 x 6 oil on linen/board SOLD

Artist Note
I have a Beta fish named Mr Fabulous 
who lives very happily in his tank with 
Mr Snail
One day I bought home some fresh weed 
and behold...Mr fab
had a new tenant - another Mr Snail.
The striped one below.

Soon I discovered it must have been a 
Mrs Snail because lots of baby snails appeared.
I could not bring myself to kill them
so I kept putting them in another tank. 
At about 100 baby snails I knew I was in trouble
so I decided to take the new tenant and 
offspring to our local park with a
beautiful small lake.
It has a concrete bottom so lots of healthy algae. 
Yummy for the snails.
I checked with the city first and got the OK.

What I didn't know was that ducks love to eat snails.
A friend teased me saying the ducks would think,
yummy - escargot.
I really laughed, but when I got to the 
water's edge, look what happened
Out of nowhere... all the ducks came!

I hesitated, this was supposed to save the snails 
There was no way I was going to let the snails
be gobbled up.

Out of nowhere
my snails were unknowingly
rescued by this enthusiastic young man
who scared all the ducks away.
I was able to slip them into the water 
feeling my good karma was intact.


  1. Wonderful story and painting. Thanks for this mornings smile Julie.

  2. Hahahaha! What a great story, ...and what a sensitive heart you have! Loved every word and every photo. Oh, and that gorgeous painting is icing on the cake! Good one, Julie!

  3. The painting is beautiful, love the thick paint to create ripples of water. Wonderful idea to bring the snails to the lake and saving them from being lunch for the ducks!

  4. Very nice post and very beautiful painting !!!
    Have a happy and creative month !!!

  5. Bit of a crisis! You want to do the right thing...

    What a beautiful lake though. Hard to believe such mayhem goes on in such a tranquil setting.

    Your duck painting (aka The Snail Eaters) turned out beautifully!

  6. Julie, I don't think I have to worry about you going to Africa for big game hunting! The amount of time and effort made to save these little guys speaks to that! Great painting as well!

  7. Great story, great painting with lush ripples, but that'll teach you to bring home fresh weed. Perhaps store bought?

  8. I love it when a painting tells a story!

  9. Excellent piece!! And such a nice story! I love the reflections!!

  10. This put a smile on my face today!!

  11. What a hilarious story!! So the painting Julie. I love all the market scenes you've been doing. Very challenging subject I would think with so much going on.

  12. The circle of life. Love the painting and the story.

  13. What a fabulous story, Julie, and how kind and considerate of you to help those little creatures. I've not been here for three weeks - been busy but whenever I return I always find absolute gems from you. These ducks are superb - thanks for sharing.

  14. Great story and I love the painting.

    When my kids were young my little daughter began to cry as the ducklings couldn't get out of the stream. #2 son waded out and rescued them - to applause. 50 yards up the bank they followed their mum back into the stream and swam off - to loud laughter

  15. Julie of the kind heart! I know the snails were thankful. Wonderful shading and details in this painting. The water is amazing!

  16. I love the story. Great thinking about what to do with all the snails. Lovely light on the water and on the feathers of the

  17. Love this beautiful painting and the story is so funny! LoL

  18. Love the story behind the painting Julie and can see why you related so well to my own snail dilemma - albeit mine being of the earthbound variety. Love your painting, so much depth and sparkle to the water!

  19. Love the painting, especially those blues in the water. Being snail saviour is not an easy role obviously! Good for you for your efforts. Karma points heading your way indeed.

  20. Dear Julie so glad you found a good home for your snails. All things considered this story had a happy ending. Wondering though how Mr Fabulous is getting along without his company?? Have s super day.

    1. Thanks for asking, Debbie, Mr Fabulous became a lot more lively. XOXO

  21. What a great story! I am sure the snails are happy in their new home and able to hide away from their sweet, but hungry predators.

    Ah, Mr Fabulous...just a fabulous fish he is. Tell him I said hello.


  22. I loved this post, and your beautiful white water! Had to share your story with several friends!


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