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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Mesilla Adobe

Mesilla Adobe, NM
6x8in oil on canvas panel $135.
Purchase HERE

Mesilla is an historical town next to 
Las Cruces, where I live in New Mexico
It has kept its wonderful Spanish/Indian roots.
Situated in a farming valley
it is an artist's delight.

Artist Note.
Another plein air painting. 
I didn't move my easel from the previous
post of the washing line...
 I just turned my head to the right.

The only thing I took artistic license 
with is the ditch. It runs straight, 
across, (parallel to the wall)
 but I felt a curve 
suited my design better.

 All to often, when I suggest a change 
to an artist's composition, 
they will whip out a
photo to show me they had copied it 
just right...
Then I find myself saying,
"it's a painting you are making, 
NOT a copy of photo."

So, my friends, 
how long did it take me to 
get that through my own head?
A loooong time.

Here is a link to information on Mesilla
Pronounced (meh-SEE-uh)


  1. Love how those warm adobe tones travel through the painting. Really charming. Perfect artistic license!

    1. Charming is the term a lot of tourists use when they visit Mesilla.
      I really like your Ocean Challenge. You took it into abstract shapes which gave if a really strong sense of place.

  2. I like the softness in this work!
    Thanks for sharing your talents!

    1. Thanks for sharing my work.
      I see that you will be starting classes soon. What fun that would be.
      I still haven't figured out Google + so I still seek out your blogspot.

  3. Just perfect Julie, so true, using the artistsic license we can paint what we feel and not what we see.

  4. I know that you always fill your beautiful paintings with artistic license, Padmaja. You make them full of emotion too.
    Lovely of you to comment, thanks, Padmaja.

  5. Pretty little scene Julie, I like to change up photos if I am using one to paint from, I find it best not to show people the image as they are too keen to say where my painting is different as if I made a mistake

    1. Yes, Lorraine - I can see you have the freedom to change up photos.
      from the one you did of the young boy. You added
      a sense of place to it. It is fabulous.
      Lol at thinking someone would try and tell someone of your ability they can see a mistake.

  6. This is a beautiful place! I love the curve in the river and gorgeous light! I will follow the link to learn more about it.

    1. I really enjoyed your post about artists you admire. Thank you. I discovered new artists to follow.

  7. Another beauty, Julie! I know you could teach me so much...

    1. Hi Sherry - hope you manage to paint this weekend. I will look forward to seeing something on your next post.

  8. I love that there are all of these little pockets of history everywhere. Each part of the country is a little different yet the same. That is a good link-thank you.

    A lovely painting and very wonderful curving bit of water! If I had a dollar for every time I faithfully copied a photo...:)

    1. Well - you certainly are creating your own vision now. Your post is another one full of ideas and problem solving thoughts.
      I particularly like the way you designed the rain in Hope.

      Thanks for the nice comment.

  9. This is beautiful, Julie and its funny but I can't imagine the ditch running straight!!!
    Changing the composition is an Artists right! lol. I love the reflections as well.

    1. Cant imagine - that is great to hear because it follows the path of the wall.
      I always like the sky color coming down into the reflections - easy to follow the guide of moving the colors around.
      Thanks for the visit, Hilda.

  10. Love the painting.

    It took me a long time to move from "that's the way it was" . Because I largely do figures, I'm often reminding myself "it's not a portrait"

    1. Hi Jean - love your use of blue but it is the variations in your line I love most.
      I can tell you paint from life but you are so experienced I bet you can do imaginary work too
      thanks for the visit.

  11. Bonjour chère Julie,

    Quel bonheur que de vous retrouver et de découvrir à nouveau vos oeuvres... Je ne serai pas très régulière jusqu'en septembre !

    Quelle grande artiste vous êtes ! Je suis séduite par cette oeuvre extraordinaire et riche en couleurs... Vos émotions transpirent sur la toile et comme vous dites il n'est pas toujours évident de les laisser venir sans se préoccuper de la réalité... Il faut seulement laisser venir son ressenti et ce n'est pas simple !

    Gros bisous ♡

    1. AS always you write such beautiful comments. Thank you dear Martine.
      That is a marvelous p[painting you are working one. I particularly like the pattern in her blouse. Can't wait to see it finished. I enjoyed the whole post and seeing the beautiful photos.

  12. Such a serene New Mexico scene. I bet you could jump back in time 100 years and the scene would be exactly the same as today. Your linked darks carried my eyes throughout the painting. Thank you for this wonderful visual treat!

    1. I think you are right about that. The area I was painting in was very old. The newer homes built further out.
      Thank you for visiting carol. I am looking forward to seeing your new work.

  13. Another stunning piece my friend. And thank you sharing the use of your artistic license! that's the think isn't it? what makes the art work and you certainly know what does! gorgeous.

    thank you for your kind words. much appreciated. i hope you are enjoying the summer.

    1. Hi Suzanne - thanks for the really nice comment.
      Your egg painting is fabulous and I think your design is totally awesome.
      Summer is flying by.

  14. Replies
    1. Thanks Jennifer. Glad you are healing on schedule.

  15. Oh Julie - such a gorgeous painting...your artistic license always is just perfect. I love the colors and the composition. It is always a delight to see your art friend. Hope you have a great week. Hugs!

  16. And I loved seeing the dogs together with their ears standing on end. great stuff!
    Thank you so much for the wonderful comment. You are much appreciated.

  17. Very wonderful painting with so nice and warm colours !!!
    Have a good and creative week !!!

  18. I have fond memories of going to dinner in Mesilla with you and Jim! This is a beautiful painting and the curve of the water is so gentle. Such an instinct you have Julie.


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