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Monday, August 31, 2015

Koi Fish and Lilies

Koi Fish and Lilies
8x6in oil on canvas panel  $135.
Purchase  SOLD

I was invited to a cool mountain area
called Cloudcroft, NM.,
only a 90 min drive from where I live.
There is a Lodge with a large
pond filled with Koi fish and lily-pads.
Extra beautiful to my desert trained eyes.

Artist Note.
I took photos of the pond
and had to take areas out 
of several to get a decent design.

It is the lily which stars 
in the point of interest spot, 
yes -
deliberately placed high  middle 
- with the eye 
hopefully moving down the 
sky reflection
to the the fish.
Checking the design following
"every quarter is different"
from 8/23/15 the post

Top Left

Top Right

Lower Left

Lower Right

I enjoyed painting the misty one
and this one very much 
and have already started another.

Miss Daisy won 
so many, many thanks to all you  kind 
bloggers who voted for her.


  1. Each quarter so different and then.........a beautiful whole!

    1. Thanks, Helen. Are you working on another abstract fog challenge?

    2. No, the little white shed called me..........

  2. Replies
    1. What a wonderful thing to say. Thanks Susan.
      Love your new ballerina and especially the story of how you started painting them.

  3. Great composition....when I first saw it my eyes moved throughout the painting. Nice and loose!

    1. Thanks Susan - I thoroughly enjoyed your post on your influences in art.

  4. This is beautiful! It has some of my favorite elements...waterlilies and koi, but with your special touch of capturing the lights reflected in the water.

    1. I am enjoying trying to catch the light on the water. Doesn't work every time so the one I am doing now has been a wipers several times.
      Your ink drawings are great and I love the woman next to the guy eating the ice cream.

  5. 4 parts make a beautiful whole. Have you ever found a quarter you like so much you had to paint just it? I love your beautiful lily pads. Beautifully soft.

    1. yes - actually I have had a quarter I like enough to paint, and found they may look good small, but somehow the need tweaking, done larger.
      Good luck with your online painting course. You are a good teacher and enjoy a wonderful sense of humor so I know you will be successful.

  6. Well done, Julie, and I like the photos as a reminder about every quarter being different. Wonderful example.

    1. Hi Carol - appreciate your neat comment. Thank you.
      I have to ask...are you working on something you are going to show us...pretty soon. I miss your posts.

  7. gorgeous colours :D love how you have done the water ripples, good use of lighting :)

    1. Hi Jennifer - thats also my younger sister's name. She lives in the southern part of England in a place called Diss.
      Pleased you like the painting and thank you for the comment.
      Your dragon drawings amaze me and I am curious about how you arrived at doing them. Not your everyday subject matter!!

    2. Hi Julie :)

      I've only been down to Cornwall for a week, other than that haven't been down south. keep meaning to but petrol/diesel isnt cheap :p

      I think I started drawing dragons when younger because I read a lot of fantasy books and I just wanted to draw the dragons from them :)

  8. Beautiful painting! Great to see the composition divided again, it is a wonderful lesson. I love the ripples!

    1. Alway a delight - thank YOU, Celia.
      Looking forward to your next painting.

  9. Replies
    1. Yeah indeed... and bless you for helping make it happen, Kathleen.
      Your painting posted on facebook was stunning. The values were spot on and colors, wonderful..

  10. This is absolutely beautiful, Julie! Love it!

  11. Glad you like it Hilda. I rather like it too.
    I am looking forward to seeing your next masterpiece.

  12. Beautiful, all quarters! Love seeing your blog. We didn't make it south in NM this year. Was hoping to run into you. Sigh..... Another time, perhaps. :)

    1. Good reading your blog and knowing you enjoyed yourself in NM.
      My good friend and artist Karel Dand
      Ford lives in Bastrop. Do you know him?

  13. I leave here my review of this series of paintings on lily pond.
    Color and motion so natural, these are precisely the colors of the pond at certain times of the day ... Your way of moving colors,
    so visible in the photo detail, it seems to create even more compositions of no matter what size.
    We can watch, think and learn,dear Julie, thanks as always!


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