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Monday, October 26, 2015

Winter Light On The Falls

Winter Light on the Falls.
6x8in oil on canvas. $135.
Purchase HERE

Artist note.
This is the painting I did over the 
unintentional wiper 
shown in the previous post.
It is on oil primed linen
so I am glad I could 
rescue the board.
This was a demo for the 
Friday group at the Guild.
They insisted I not wipe it off 
like I usually do after a demo.
(Bossy Lot -they keep me in line!)

The demo was about keeping your 
dark areas as transparent 
as possible. I used three colors
plus Titanium White.
Viridian, Ultramarine 
and Tsp. Brown Oxide.
I did some touch up areas to 
bring it up to speed and 
now I am glad the
Friday group 
were in charge.
Thank you, guys!

Quick Note.

Thank you from "Daisy"
(click to enlarge)

I received this wonderful 
note from Daisy asking me to thank 
all of you who voted to make her 
best cat so she could be 
as proud as her sibling was
before passing on to
kitty heaven.
I am so impressed with how arty the 
card and note are. Even the envelope!
A halo for everyone 
who helped.


  1. Gorgeous shine on the falls and the spots on the water. You capture my eye as it travels around all the lights and back to the moon. Beautifully done!

    1. Thanks Joan.Nice to hear because low key paintings are not in my comfort zone. The Tonalist painters managed to paint the close value changes and make them look fabulous- high or low key.
      I enjoyed seeing your halloween painting. Not easy to make such a good a large grouping.

  2. Julie this really turned out so well (not that I am surprised). Glad your class was bossy and you listened. P.S. emailing you the recipe. Hugs

    1. Friday's group is advanced so I do tend to listen to them. They were pretty confident it was working when i couldn't see it.
      It is great that you are doing Zentangles. They all looked really good. How neat to find something fun like that.
      Looking forward to the recipe.Thanks Debbie - it looked delicious on your post.

  3. Bonjour chère Julie,

    Je vous envoie une cascade d'applaudissement !
    Je suis sous le charme !...

    Gros bisous ✺ ♡ ✺

    1. translation: Hello dear Julie, I send you a waterfall of applause! I'm in love! ... Big kisses ✺ ♡ ✺
      Thanks Martine for your very poetic comment. I love it!
      Happy painting days!

  4. Bonjour chère amie,
    carrés succulents..
    Merci pour ce magnifique partage..

    1. Thank you so much. The photos on your blog are very beautiful.

  5. It reminds me of a moody and stormy, John Muir-hanging-on-a-tree kind of a day in Yosemite! Very nice! Good thing you had that "bossy lot" to help out:)

    1. Yes, moody, and not my normal love of color. It still works though for harmony.
      I love your new piece. You certainly have fun, but still descriptive colors in that one!

  6. The light is so luminous! This is a great example of light and dark create drama and interest! Wonderful!

    1. Thank you, Kaethe.
      Love the example of the light patterns on your cat.

  7. Smart students! The work of a modern master! Beautiful darks!!
    And your sweet kitty - ouch! Hope that lovely card helps return a smile to your face.

    1. Hi Chris - you would love the members of the Guild. They are all totally into painting.
      Your paintings of Manet and Monet are brilliant!

  8. Great choice of limited palette to achieve what you wanted. Viridian is a perfect choice to imply 'winter'.

    1. Good to hear from you , Lauren. You obviously know a lot about the cool tints that can be made from Viridian. Thanks.

  9. Beautiful, Julie! So much grandeur onto an 8" X 6" size. I wonder what time of day this was. I suspect end of the day as the sun (moon?) is low. The rocks intrigue me always with their varied colors and powerful support.

    1. Yes - the end of the day. Winter dusk. During the summer I love it when I paint sunset as the moon is clearly rising.
      Thanks for your neat observation. I like the comment you left on Libby's post too.

  10. Absolutely beautiful, Julie!! Amazing light!!!

    1. I love to hear you like the light - seeing you are so very good at it yourself.

  11. Very wonderful painting, I love the dark colours of the winter landscape, the light and the big power of waterfall !!!
    Have a nice and calm evening Julie !!!

    1. Lovely complement especially because you are a wonderful color harmony painter. Thank you Stelios.

  12. nice lighting and the water really moves :)

    1. Thanks, Jennifer Rose. Nice of you.
      Your drawing of the horse is really something.

  13. This painting looks like a 19th century Masterpiece! Amazing work!

  14. What a lovely combination of colours, Julie; I shall have to try that palette. I love how skilfully you've painted this to show the dim winter light - makes me think of Narnia. Lovely story about Daisy too!

  15. The colors in this just make my heart go pitter-pat. It really is gorgeous and makes me wish for a cold and rainy day where I could just curl up in a chair and read a book.


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