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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Watercolor Pleasure

6in x6in gouache on Aquabord 
Painted just for me!

Artist Note.
From my nest collection... 
a little jewel 
with a turquoise strand 
woven through it
 adds a touch of color
against the neutral 
grasses and twigs.

I added Chinese White  
to my watercolors to add 
the body I like.
Aquabord is perfect for 
this, and takes a protective
wax finish beautifully.

My daughter and a friend 
are in to help celebrate
my birthday so I will be
having too much fun
to reply to any comments!
I know you understand.


  1. Just for Julie! Happy birthday to you on your special day. Have a good time and enjoy!

  2. Happy birthday Julie and have a lot of fun ... your watercolour painting is very beautiful !!!

  3. yes, you are relieved of comment duty! haha! I love this painting. No one paints a better tangled nest than you do :)

  4. What a gem, Julie! A birthday gift to yourself. Happy, happy birthday! Enjoy your family and company and know lots of good wishes are sent your way!

  5. Happy Birthday my friend. May health, happiness and love always bbs with you.

  6. Nice to see the nest and egg series again, love this one. Happy Birthday, Julie!

  7. First, Happy Birthday!
    I love your nest...

  8. I love seeing additions to your nest series!!! This is really lovely. Have a Happy Birthday!!!

  9. Happy Birthday! I love that you painted something for yourself! Hope you have a wonderful time with your daughter!

  10. Happy birthday Julie...just know that we're thinking of you! LOVE your nests...hope to see more and more!!

  11. It's completely lovely. Happiest birthday, Julie!

  12. Happy Birthday, enjoy time with your daughter!

  13. happy birthday!! have a great day

    really like the texture of the nest :)

  14. I just kept staring and staring at this because it is so beautiful. The turquoise thread is like a magical trail...a fairy dust effect...some ONE or some THING of wonder was here and left a green-blue signature on its masterpiece. I see why you kept this for you! Happy birthday dear friend! Missing you here in Kansas. I hope your celebration is an absolute memory-making blast! Hugs and kisses.

  15. Oh Julie - this is so beautiful. I can see why you would not want to part with this piece. The turquoise ribbon is just the perfect touch. Happy birthday too friend. I will be celebrating mine this week also. Hope yours is a delightful celebration with your daughter. Hugs!

  16. Love the nest, Happy happy birthday. Don't give a thought to anything but enjoying them and making precious memories.

  17. What a gorgeous gift you made for yourself, so beautiful, the turquoise ribbon is the icing on the cake , perfect ! Wishing you a very Happy Birthday !

  18. Happy birthday Julie. Enjoy your day and your daughter!

  19. Happy birthday! May all your wishes come true!
    Beautiful painting!!

  20. Happy Birthday (belated) wishes from my heart, dear Julie!
    Happy Thanksgiving ....I'm so grateful for our lovely friendship,
    a beautiful dialogue very precious between our souls.
    Your nest is outstanding ,true symbol of life forever.

    Sending warm hugs and loving thoughts.

  21. Happy Birthday Julie! It is a beautiful painting, I love the string of turquoise running through it! Enjoy!!

  22. Oh I'm so late in wishing you the happiest birthday ever! This is really enchanting and the unique color scheme is so perfect for the downy nest. Hope you are also allowed a birthday week of special treats at your place :)

  23. Happy belated birthday, Julie!! A very special painting for a very special woman!

  24. A REAL PRETTY work of ART!
    Have a Happy Day!

  25. What an exquisitely pretty birthday present you have painted for yourself Julie! Happy Birthday!


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