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Monday, November 2, 2015

Stormy Day

Stormy Day
6x8in oil on canvas $135.
Purchase HERE

Artist Note.
We really need rain due to 
the severe drought we have been 
having in New Mexico, so
it is hard to complain about 
a couple of days of really
hard rains.

I had been hoping to paint a
special spot
on the way home
after visiting our son,
 but when we got there
this is all I saw
out of the window.
I did a small sketch
(below) in watercolor
 to get the basic values 
and shapes.
(courtesy of the 
windshield wipers
helping out and 
hubby softly snoring 
as he took a nap, sweet guy!)

The only light areas were
in the sky and water.
The vertical sides of the bushes
and hills were very
dark by comparison.

The sketch came in handy
when I was
back in the studio today.
It helped me recall the
actual structure of the dam.
Using artistic license
I made the falls less wide,
and eliminated a building
that was there.

The sky was still magnificent 
as we got closer to home.

Today is sunny and bright.
Not a cloud in the sky.

Am grateful our ground has
collected some 
much needed moisture.
BUT I am only too aware
of the devastation caused by
too much rain in other
 parts of the country.
I am truly sympathetic,
and cannot imagine the 
strength needed to 
restore and carry on.
Blessings to all.


  1. Ah Julie I can feel the storm just gazing at your painting. Amazing scene friend. So glad you got some much needed rain. Hope you had a wonderful visit with your son. I know Texas has had terrible floods. We need to" look up" for those who ate living through it. Hugs!

    1. Your beautiful photos of fall made my day. Thanks, Debbie.
      I can't stop thinking about all the people flooded out. Regular insurance doesn't cover it either. I volunteered with the church years ago to help a flooded town and the damage was unbelievable. I found the hardest thing was all the coffins sucked out of the ground. Water has tremendous power.You are so right, Debbie, - we all need to be "looking up" for those affected.

  2. Alert for wind or rain, almost daily, these days in Houston.
    This makes me very sorry because the victims of bad weather are increasing everywhere even for bad way to build, today, which does not provide good channeling of water.
    Your work on landscape so full of mood and drama.

    I wish sweet rains for those who need in some "dry" States ...sweet rain wets lands without damage them.

    1. I have been thinking of Valentina and family. I remembered that the last flooding was not in their area and have taken comfort in that. It must b a concern for you though, Rita.
      It was a pleasure to read about your granddaughters painting time with you. What a great system you have come up with. I have forwarded it to three grandmothers.
      Sending love and hope you are feeling it from all your friends.

  3. Beautiful Julie!
    I cant understand the inequality that exists in nature, too much rain and draught .. Just like the poor and the rich..

    1. I agree - there is no understanding anything.
      Long term, our water in the desert appears to be a fragile situation. The drought has been severe. Although welcome - flash flooding is a powerful force which gushes down from the mountains into arroyos. We have had 9 inches of rain this year...yes, the whole year. Average year to date is 8"
      I wonder what the rainfall is in Oman where you did your beautiful painting.
      Neat to know marble rocks are part of the coastline.

  4. You put in so much beauty in that little "Stormy Day" painting... hard to believe it's so small. Oh what a wonderful riot of movement and energy it is!

    1. Hi Diana, Thank you ...funny we think the same was hard to believe your painting, Shining Evening was 5x9" because it was designed so beautifully.

  5. It's hard no matter how you look at things. Too much rain or not enough to
    shake a stick at!

    Rainy days are difficult to paint (for me anyway). You did a great job. I
    like both the sketch and your finished piece. Good interpreting:)

    1. I do not have enough rainy days to get really good at them. Very appropriate as I have been painting a series using water imagery.
      You have written a very concise description of your color foundation. You have mastered it!
      it is fascinating isn't it?

  6. Love the moodiness in this...but it's not dark. You capture a stormy atmosphere perfectly. Happy you got some needed rain.

    Hope your hubby had a good snooze.

    Sending love from Kansas.

    1. Moody is a good word. Thanks Lisa.
      Must say that your Halloween paintings are AMAZINGLY brilliant. love everything about them. No one tells stories with paint better than you.

  7. Julie, left a reply on my blog but thought I'd come over here and repeat it. Have watched your work for years... but lately have seen the result of your work come together and notice a great leap in execution... color and patterns working together as visual poetry. Bravo!

    1. Thanks for such a marvelous comment and complement, Diane. it means the world to me.
      When I say how much I admire your Life Guard Stand painting , please know it is genuine and not because you wrote such a lovely comment.
      Your whole post is great with pics and introducing the Peace River Painters

  8. It's amazing how the Yupo sketch captures perfectly the watery feel of the storm!

    1. yea - thanks - praise from a watercolorist.
      Love your pagoda, Kim. Know your workshop will be great.

  9. Nice sense of movement and drama! It's only adding to my wish to stay under my covers and feel cozy, warm and safe!

    1. You are getting some rain too - I think. Lucky you living where you do because you get misty mornings. neat. Living on the water must be marvelous.

  10. It's amazing how a sketch cements a particular place in our memories. Your sketch and your painting are both powerful!

    My heart also goes out to those experiencing the effects of extreme weather. I cannot imagine how people cope, and I think Debbie's advice is the best advice.

    As do your other friends and followers, I appreciate you and your beautiful, thoughtful blog. Thank you, Julie.

    1. Lovely comment. Bless you Chris.
      Your cute as a button puppy is a fabulous watercolor.
      What a wonderful addition our lives pets can be.

  11. We could lend you some rain and fog, although we have had a few weeks of glorious weather. I'm loving the waterfall series, I really am. A long way from those lovely tranquil ponds.

    The Ferry you mentioned: some of the trucks on board it broke their chains. The Ferry had to head back out to sea and find a Lee shore to shelter behind and couldn't dock for 24 hours

    1. Wow - impressed with the follow-up to the ferry story. The power of the sea amazes doesn't it? Build your boat strong, John.
      Thanks for the visit and glad you likes the waterfalls.

  12. Love how you captured the stormy, rainy, windy feeling:)

    1. Thank you Bruce. Congratulations on your success with the plein air award. it is only the start of something great.

  13. Another painting that's so ALIVE, Julie! I especially like all those greyed tones you've used. It's a powerful depiction of chaotic weather.

    1. Hi Helene - good to hear from you. I am ready for some brighter paintings so I can feel the water series is nearly over.
      Love your beautiful fawn. You gave the little guy lots of personality. I went oooh and ahhh when I saw it.

  14. Beautiful work catching the stormy weather! It is wonderful seeing your process unfold.Really love the deep blues in the waterfall too!!

  15. There is a great big S shape that goes through your painting which really moves the eye so one does not miss a thing. Both your strokes and palette show the stormy weather. Where is my coat? Great one Julie.


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