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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

When a Friend Combines Art Forms

I love it when a friend pushes
the limits and comes up with
something new.
In this case, my friend 
Lisa Graham has achieved just that.
Do yourself a favor and click
on this link.

Lisa generously shares her journey
from inspiration to completion.

I find it interesting that Lisa 
places the video first
on her post
and the finished painting last.
Does that mean video 
will become more important
than the painting?
Only time will tell.

We are fortunate to be watching 
the creative
journey of this artist.

Lisa is a retired RN (young)
and a full time professional artist.
She is a story teller with 
her art and I have followed her blog
for a few years. Always sensing
something very deep and real
about her work, and this latest
venture proves what a true
artist she is... to her very toes!


  1. Wow Julie, I had no idea you were going to say all of this when you asked if I minded you posting about it. I am deeply touched and so grateful for your friendship. Thank you. And don't worry, I won't give up painting...just didn't want to spoil the small surprise in the finished piece. Remember, Faith was waiting. :)


  2. Yes, indeed, Lisa's work is absolutely beautiful! This painting has an epic quality to it!

  3. I've been scrolling through your recent works Julie and have fallen in love with every single one of them. Such beautiful little birds. Loved the ducklings - very gooey but not at all in a twee way - simply gorgeous!

  4. I just finished watching, what a beautiful project. Such an interesting concept, I really enjoyed it. Lisa is very clever :)

  5. Amazing artwork and artist! I have followed her across the board. I love seeing her idea unfold with the video. It really makes the painting come to life,yet looks like something out of a dream. I love her creativity and style. Thank you for sharing Julie!!

  6. Thanks for introducing Lisa's work, I too will follow her blog.

  7. I saw Lisa's video and paintings!! Both outstanding...hope she does more !!!!

  8. Can't wait to head on over there. Thanks Julie for being so supportive of Lisa and sharing her art with us.


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