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Monday, March 7, 2016

Peonies & Strawberries

Peonies & Strawberries
8x6in oil on canvas panel $140. SOLD

Artist Note.
Hot house peonies - 
a gift! 
In a vase my mother made.
Loved painting it.
Did another in watercolor too.

I have a workshop 
coming up here in 
Las cruces, NM.
June 7-9 with a 
wrap up morning on the 10th
Contact me if you are interested.
I can promise a fun, 
productive workshop
with lots of individual

I was honored by a request from
Marcela Strasdas to 
show my tip of using 
a piece of glass to test out
any changes.
I did a step by step of an 
Santa Fe adobe building
see link

Marcela wrote a great post 
with clear photo steps
which I think showed 
the advantages clearer 
than my post did...
so hope you follow the link
to her version.


  1. Good Morning Miss Julie - when I opened up my blog this day your peonies and strawberries greeted my eyes. They are beautiful. Your mother's vase was must be a precious treasure to you sweet friend. Will check out your demo as well as Marcela's. It would be a dream come true to attend your workshop in NM. Maybe someday - we know that God gives us the desires of our hearts...may he bless you with yours today. Hugs!

    1. You are a blessing in the blog world, dear friend. Your posts are beautiful and uplifting and your comments more of the same.
      Yes, my mother's pottery pieces are all treasured. I have some I use as serving dishes every day. One of them she crimped along the top with her thumb prints and sometimes I lay my own in the indentations and feel her
      presence. Lovely! I think to be able to create something physical to leave to our children is special and I hope when I am gone mine will enjoy looking at my paintings and think of me.
      Blessings, dear Debbie.

  2. a ceramic vase? nice thing to have that your mom made :)

    1. Yes, my mother turned to ceramics in retirement. She had arthritic hands so she could not use the wheel...she slabbed and coiled. Her shapes and glazes were beautifully organic. Prize winning too. The vase above has a dripping glaze of deep brown over a deep green-blue. GORGEOUS!
      I am amazed you could draw such a cute little piece when you were in pain. Poor Jennifer - Hope it is better by now.

  3. So much depth and luscious color, Julie! Love the light coming from above! The process of using the glass to test possible changes to a painting is literally brilliant! Thank you for your generous sharing!

    1. Thanks, Carol. Your words are much appreciated. (happy glow-time}
      When I am teaching I also lay the glass over an artist's work to show the changes they may want to make. Works like a charm!
      How are you doing with experimenting on dissipating abstraction?
      I hope to see another one soon.

  4. Another beautiful piece Julie!!!! And the process with the glass is very interesting...
    It's definitely a wonderful way to correct a painting and seeing it for comparison before finishing it. (Did that make sense? Lol). Anyway great idea!! Again, LOVE the peonies and strawberries.

    1. Yes it does...You always make sense, dear Hilda.
      How is your arm? Are you fully recovered? Your harvest painting is so good you cannot even tell you had been thru surgery.
      thanks for the lovely comment.

  5. What a clever idea!! I am always so irritated when I can't envision compositional options -- this is such a good solution. Your painting is wonderful. My first thought was that it's as richly textured as a tapestry! Finally, as others have commented, you once again demonstrate your generosity as an instructor.

    1. Hi there, sweet Helene. Luverly to hear from you!
      Do give the glass a try. I have several sizes of glass in the studio. I tape the edges so they are safe to use. I also use the glass overlay to check a color change when something is not quite right.
      Are you working on another nude or a still life?

  6. A very beautiful painting with a very special vase. I imagine it does the heart good to painting your mother's things.

    Your workshops are top notch and everyone in Wichita is so anxious for your return!

    Love the tip with glass!!!! A great secret!!!!

    Hugs and love from Kansas.

    1. Hi my friend - yep! my heart is full of pleasure using mother's things.
      Adds a whole other dimension. I like all my still life objects, but the items which are extra special are because of either the person who made it or who gave it to me.
      I LOVED the fun and talented workshop artists in Wichita anad will look forward to next year. I cannot spend a month doing workshops this year as I have to prepare for an upcoming show.
      I must say you are getting very good at producing videos. Your editing and music inspire me. Looking forward to seeing the painting complete but what I saw on the video was wonderful.

  7. It is beautiful,more so with a touch of emotion close to your heart. The glass technique is brilliant, thanks for sharing.

    1. You caught the emotion, eh? You can read me like a book Padmaja. We have been friends quite a while for sure.
      Looking forward to your next painting. Hurry up please!

  8. another gorgeous floral....your flowers (and strawberries!) are always just right. I love the texture ! I know you will have a wonderful workshop. You are a super teacher!

    1. I was delighted to see you post again, Celeste. Sorry you have had such a hard time but pleased you are on the mend. Impressed that you managed to paint and sketch. can't keep a good artist down!..

  9. I love the gorgeous reds and the way you wisp the paint creating a dreamy effect! Even more beautiful,a gift from your mother's hands. I will follow all the links, thanks for sharing!

  10. This is STUNNING Julie! Beautiful beautiful work! Going to pin:)

  11. My favorite all time flower! Need to try them again myself.

  12. Thank you for the mention Julie! LOVE all the sharing of knowledge we have in this day and age, you are amazingly generous. I always enjoy your posts and your paintings. Thank you again. :)


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