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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Poppy and Red

Poppy Red
6'x6' oil on Raymar panel 110.

Artist Note
I have a new red tube of paint
I wanted to try out.
Holbein's Rose Dore
I thought it was a cool red.
Look below 
The swatches are of transparent reds.

I found
Rose Dore 
to be a beautiful transparent red.

All colors cool down adding white but the 
Rose Dore managed to stay warm
by comparison. 
I like it.
I will add it to my box for when 
I want a glowing, transparent underpainting

I went to the store and 
bought a beautiful red silk poppy 
and held it under a light.
It was fun to paint ...
and not so much fun to photograph.
It took as long to get the above image
closest to the real one as it did to paint it.

House under contract again!
February 21st closing.
Fingers crossed. We really like
the family. A military family.


  1. Wqw! That just leaped off the page; Rose Dore eh? Noted! Such an exciting gorgeous painting.

    Busy on the boat again (whooppee) too tired to paint in the evening .... must be that damned kryptonite again.

    1. Lol... you are always upbeat snd funny but this has a ring of you feeling more like your old self! Good.
      Red does leap out at you and on some monitore it will all look the same and the cool and warm tones will be lost. It is a cheerful little sucker, for sure!
      Happy to see you have a toned canvas ready to go.

  2. Love it! So vibrant and loose. The Rose doré is a find, so thanks for those notes, though I can't read all the colour names. Could you bear to write them out in a reply, please? Congrats on the house. Yay! Good luck and cross fingers.

  3. Hi Trudy. So delightful to hear from you. Happiest of New Years to you both.
    The colors from left to right.
    Rose Dore.
    Quinacridone Rose or Permanent Rose
    Permanent Alizarin by Windsor Newton

  4. Wow! Love that new color! Fabulous painting. Love seeing the colors all next to each other. Really shows the differences!

    1. Thanks Sharon. It is wonderful in life...the computer doesn't handle red too well. I think your video of how to draw a tree is a gift to any interested artist.

  5. I want to greet you a happy, healthy and fruitful 2018.
    Just like this painting, I admire and enjoy all your paintings. I visit your blog often but I prefer not to leave comments because I have nothing much to say. Greetings, Cora

    1. Thank you, Cora - wishing you the same.
      I do understand about the comments but I am happy you left this one or I would have never seen your lovely orchid painting.

  6. Who doesn't love red! On my monitor this one looks like the perfect tomato red. I'll cross my fingers the sale goes through this time. Trying to live with the spectre of realtors showing up within minutes is nerve wracking!

    And thank you for the varnish tips.

    1. I am happy to know you liked it that much, Lauren. I like it myself. The reds glow. Sorry you were too late getting it.
      The house is temporarily off the market until we know if the appraisal works for a VA loan. Fingers crossed.
      Your recommendation
      for Marco Bucci's Easy to Understand Terrific Videos
      has been a boon. I have several friends enjoying them

  7. Those red petals are so striking!!! This is beautiful! Great choice of a color.

    1. Thanks Joan. Love that you told us about that great sketching pen.

  8. What a gorgeous red! Almost a coral...but not quite. Oh my!! I have a new one on my paint shopping list!! :-)

    1. Congratulations on your ten years of blogging. I wish you
      happy times with your up-to-date new website. Very, very nice.

  9. Yes, a new paint that meets all expectations is so wonderful! I know it will inspire many fabulous new works from you. Everyone should have a touch of red in every room of the houses for good Feng Shui. Red brings passion, love, and prosperity according to the art of Feng Shui. Have a blessed new week, Julie.

    1. Ah...good Feng Shui...I didn't know that. I absolutely loved your new post and the great Henry Ford quote is one I had never heard.

  10. Thank you for sharing your find! Beautiful red (Rose Dore)!

    1. Hi Teri - thanks for those fabulous process shots on your blog. I am grateful you still do a blog and share. I do both Instagram and Facebook but never post my new paintings for a few days after the blog.

  11. Lucious reds in your hands make for a gorgeous painting, Julie!

    I will look up for you. Keep the faith.

    1. Love the beautiful complement - thanks, Chris, and thanks for the looking up. Yes, I do a lot of that.

  12. So many gorgeous shades of red, and great layering of the petals , just beautiful !

    1. Thanks Jane. I enjoyed painting it.
      When I saw your beautiful new painting of the lavenders and green I went into envy mode! I love the way you used the colors.

  13. fingers crossed for a sale :)

    that is such a gorgeous bright vibrant red, if I could still paint with oils I would be trying to find it

    1. Thank YOU, Jennifer, I am totally fascinated by the dog you have on your blog. Is it 3D or on the screen. You are a wiz at this computer generated stuff.

    2. Its 3D, done digitally with ZBrush a 3D program. so 3D but on the screen since i dont have a 3D printer but if I did, the dog could be an actual physical object


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