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Monday, August 13, 2012

Study of a Lavender Rose

Study of a Lavender Rose

6x6in oil on canvas Not for Sale

This is my first ever try at painting a rose this color.
I was trying to see the nuances of blues from the sky and warmer purples
here and there. I will do a few more studies and then do a painting,

My hubby and I drove to Albuquerque this past weekend to see a play
our Goddaughter directed in Community Theater.
 (Doesn't everyone drive 550 miles RT to see a play?)
The play was hilarious - received a standing ovation -  and we returned
the next day full of laughter and pride.
She is quite young, working on her masters and managed to do this too.
So what has that got to do with this rose?
Well, it was blooming in her parent's garden where we stayed the night.
When I left England, I gave my mother a gift of a lavender rose bush
and this brought back a lot of memories.

Another bounty from a friend's garden. Talk about a green thumb!

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  1. Reminds me of my Blueberry Hill rose bush. Delightful colors. So glad you got to get away. Looking forward to more exploration of this unusual color in a rose.

  2. I love how you have restrained the color palette on this one, well done.

  3. The lavender roses have a gentle and touching poetry ... You have made this with great lightness and perfect chromatic harmony through green and lavender.

  4. That study stands alone as a gorgeous work of art, Julie. And my goodness but look at the size of that eggplant!

  5. Lovely, Julie. And such a lovely story about your mother. I always think it must be so difficult to leave your family and country and start life elsewhere.

    Congrats to your Goddaughter. She must be a committed and resourceful young woman.

  6. This is a beautiful lavender rose study, Julie! There's something about the lavender color that is so soothing to me. I love the brush strokes as always and these wonderful vegetables would make such a nice "future" still life!!

  7. Beautiful Julie. I can see why you wouldn't want to sell it. It's a part of you to be treasured. I love the vegetable photo by the way :)

  8. How wonderful that you and your husband would drive such a distance to support her. It sounds like it was well worth the trip too!

    Lavender beautiful. I have never seen one.

    Will you be making some good salsa now?

  9. It seems to me that this absolutely beautiful rose is a memory's point for you Julie, which, I guess, makes it even more beautiful. A past emotional memory, some new also good ones and an inspiration about a great painting, all in one little moment of admiration of a blooming rose.
    Warm regards.

  10. Hello Julie:) I love your study! Love the color and the way you painted it! Very nice:)

  11. I love all of the subtle shading....beautiful work. Thanks for sharing.

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  12. This rose just vibrates against the various greens - stunning, Julie!

  13. Stunning as usual. Your fracturing is unrepeatable, Julie.

  14. beautiful painting! i esp. love the colors around the center of the rose! glad you had so much fun!

  15. Thank you everyone for the great comments. I always love answering each and every one but our grandchildren (5year old girl and 7 year old boy) arrive tomorrow with parents in tow and I have been finishing my blog and cleaning after teaching all day. Hubby out doing the shopping - bless him.

  16. Beautiful color. I so love that you photograph these paintings so that we can enjoy the brushstrokes.


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