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Friday, August 17, 2012

Apple Demo for Class

Apple demo for class

not for sale

Working with a different group I did another apple demo.
Maybe you remember that in the classes I teach, the focus this month
 is painting from the imagination so these are not copied from real apples.
It appears that the hard part of painting from the imagination
is understanding the light and how it falls on a surface.

Seeing how many in the class had painted light on the sides as well as the top,
I quickly drew in the box showing the apple with a top surface to
catch the light. They immediately "got it" and some pretty decent apples
were presented.

I am always using the phrase, "light follows form," but I found
that it is not always understood. Another way of saying it is...
The path of light can not go around corners.

Different methods of broken edge work and colors were also included in
this little demo so this may appear a little weird, but I thought it may be
of interest to those who do not have access to instruction.

Having a great time with my wonderful grandchildren but admit
to being tired after teaching all day and then building a fort
(from a precious sari) to play cowboys in. I got the midnight watch!

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  1. Thanks again. I love these little demos.They present great challenges.
    And grandma's get tired but it is a wonderful tired, isn't it?

    1. Thanks for the comment and yes - it is a wonderful tired.

  2. Oh I do think this demo piece is gorgeous, Julie! Your grandkids will always remember Grandma helping them make a fort and putting them first.

    1. Understanding light in painting from the imagination ,for me,is more difficult than watching from the truth! I like to think ,as you suggest,that the light is not in the corners .... Thanks Julie |!
      My days are sometimes too empty ... and others too full!
      It is not easy (it seems) day with activity ... in the middle!
      Have a nice weekend with your lovely family!

  3. Do you have the class the whole time your family is here? Yikes! But those forts are the best. Brought on a flood of memories of my own forts.

  4. Thank you for sharing Julie! Have a great time with your family!!
    Warm regards.

  5. glad you are having fun with the kids! OMG! what beautiful apples!

  6. Hello Julie:) Lovely:) Having a busy day teaching, but do the grandchilderen care or know? No grandma, build us a fort! :) In a way they want to tell you there's more than painting.
    Thank you for your little but o so important lesson about light falling on a subject.

  7. Really good article - creating images from imagination is often what I find myself doing even when painting from life. I think it is called artistic license... ;o)

  8. I love your blog! Always so interesting and informative. And I love your paintings. Even your demo is beautiful, with all those lovely colors. Great idea about putting an apple in a box.

  9. This is such a great demo, Julie! I hope your students know how lucky they are to have you as their teacher!! Enjoy your family!

  10. This is a lovely demo. You are a great teacher for sure. "Light follows form" is easy to remember and full of meaning too. Lucky students!
    You really have a sari! That's great. Have you been here, to India?
    Best wishes,

  11. Looking at this and your previous demos are so inspiring, your students are lucky to have you! Beautiful work!

  12. Wonderful demo Julie. It's the reflected light that throws me off.

  13. You've explained this so well. Enjoy your grandchildren!

  14. Your apples are beautiful and so free . . . love the way you leave your strokes . . . so fresh! Congrats on your new gallery and teaching space! Your lucky students get the benefit of your formal instruction but also your creativity and experimentation—so great!


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