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Monday, October 21, 2013

Feather Series - Dove

Box of Dove Feathers

6x6in oil on canvas panel  Not for sale.

A fellow member of the Artist Guild heard I was
painting feathers and brought me in a box of ones she had
Thank you so much - Bonnie Wetzel

Artist Note.
My FIRST feather painting in oil paint! I used a palette knife.
I was so excited to get these feathers and for some reason
the box appealed to me too. I think it was the warm color
next to the blue/gray of the feathers.
I first did several drawings, and then these wash studies
from life. I quite liked the one with the feathers outside the box.

Apparently these studies stayed in the visual box in my mind
and I found myself starting this one at the guild studio
without the items.
It was arranged and re-arranged to suit the design qualities,
totally from memory.

I got completely lost in the awesome pleasure I get from using
creamy oil paints while painting something very special to me.
Anyone else relate to that?
I have no understanding of why the feathers appeal
to me on an emotional level the way they do. They certainly
will have no commercial appeal. I am pretty sure it
has to have come from my series of nests. I was
always fascinated by the discovery of feathers in the linings.

There is something quite solid about this painting
that I really like and have decided to keep it for a while..

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  1. I agree, Julie - There is something quite solid and very pleasing about this painting. It has an appealing warmth and softness about it. I suspect the pleasure you derived from creating this painting is reflected in the image. Subtle and beautiful.

  2. Gorgeous shapes and textures. I also love the organic and spontaneous feel. It is just a beautiful painting!

  3. Oh it is quite beautiful and the textures and edges of the paper keep me coming back to look again. I'd keep it too, Julie!

  4. I think, as you suggested, that you have two wonderful things fused together: a very tactile pleasure derived from using the oil paints mixed with something that is of interest to you that is a bit of a mystery. You are doing something just for the joy of doing it which is just very satisfying regardless the outcome.

    The feathers are beautiful. The palette knife lends itself well to the feeling of the feathers.

  5. It's beautiful! Love how delicate and solid it is at the same time.

  6. This is fantastic, Julie. I love the feather outside of the box...the curled edges are painted so beautifully! this is such a fun series and hope to see more and more.!

  7. Wow, Julie. I love the subject matter, the composition, the atmosphere and especially the interplay between warms and cools. Nicely done.

  8. This painting looks very thick and rich, almost as though you used cold wax, an encaustic technique. I want to touch it, feel it, and analyze it. I doubt, however, I will "get a hit" on your connection to feathers.

  9. Julie, this one is so interesting.The color, the texture and the composition. I find one of the loveliest parts is how you show texture by showing so little of it. I can certainly see why it needs to hang around for a time......... You did a great job!

  10. This is going to be a beautiful series, I can tell already. Every morning I look at my blog and love seeing your latest work. What an inspiration you are Julie. And, thank you, also for sharing.

  11. Really appealing painting; I can understand hanging on to it.

  12. Love the muted color choices in this one, Julie! Great knife work!

  13. these feathers are beautiful! it's interesting what we personally find interesting! it certainly opens up a new 'avenue of awareness' and appreciation to others!

  14. WOW!!!! now THAT is a palette knife painting!!! i am deeply in love with the painting and the studies. i've found that feathers have a very spiritual meaning. i read that when you find one spirit has been visiting!

    this is incredible!! i can see why you are holding on to it, it's just breathtaking. and now i can see how a palette knife should be used. just outstanding work julie!!

  15. I love them all. The water color sketches has a simplicity that appeal me, and the thick oil paint and how you applied it, make them look soft and authentic.

  16. Amazing that you did this from memory and even tried several compositions. I, too, think the box adds something - a warm to the cool and straight lines to curves. Very nice!

  17. I am not surprised that you could do that from memory. I love it. The texure and colors are fantastic. I understand you completely! When you got it, you got it, and feeling has a whole lot to do with that.


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