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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pansies Have Arrived!

Pansies and Creamer

6x8in oil on canvas $125.

I was thrilled to find pansies at the garden center. I love
them because they bring me joy throughout the winter.
Who can resist their smiley face and beautiful colors?

Artist Note
I had a request for a pansy painting quite a while ago
and I had been waiting for the live ones to come in.
Unfortunately when my computer crashed it took all
my flagged emails with it so if the interested person
likes this one, I will delay placing the paypal on DPW
for a day to give them a chance of getting in touch with me.

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  1. Very beautiful composition with very amazing blue and yellow colours !!!
    Have a nice day !!!

  2. Beautiful painting Julie, nice color sceme. I like the way you worked the color through out the painting, it has a nice flow.

  3. This is so lovely. I am not sure, but I think still life might just be my favorite genre of yours....especially when you include beautiful glassware.

  4. Love that pitcher! Pansies are lovely aren't they and they do have those little smiley faces:) As usual, beautiful, clean color. Very nice!

  5. I'm still amazed at the beauty of your painting knife strokes in these fractured gems, Julie!

  6. A beautiful arrangement! I particularly love the combination of colors with the lavender background.

  7. That is such a pretty painting Julie...I always love the way you paint pitchers and cups and vases. Gorgeous and elegant!

  8. All your paintings are so beautiful! I envy your painting style. I'm still in the tight--don't leave out any detail style. Actually, I love all painting styles--that's what makes art so interesting.

  9. Haven't seen pansies here yet, but will look as they are a favorite. Your painting draws the eye to that gorgeous center pansy!

  10. Dear Julie - this is absolutely the best...makes me think of my grandma who loved these beautiful faces. She also collected cream pitchers as well. Nothing like pansies - we get ours in the spring most generally. They have been known to live through the winter if they are in a protected spot. Take care and have a beautiful day.

  11. Love the bright spots that dance through the painting. And I love that it is pansy time also.

  12. Your composition is effectively full of LIGHT! Love it.

  13. Fracturing gives this lovely still life vitality. It is both beautiful and interesting!

  14. GORGEOUS!!!! These pansies are so beautifully painted, Julie!!!


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