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Thursday, October 17, 2013

O'Keeffe's Pedernal

O'Keeffe's Pedernal

6x6in oil on canvas panel  $100. SOLD

Cerro Pedernal is a narrow mesa (mesa means flat/table top)
and is the Spanish word for Flint Hill. Abiquiu Lake lies at its feet.
Georgia O'Keeffe loved to paint Cerro Pedernal. She apparently
loved to hike up it too and would clamber right on up there...
all 9,862 feet, just for the view.
She would also lie under her car for shade during the hottest
part of the day.
That's what I call one amazing and sturdy woman
Her ashes were scattered from the top of Pedernal at her request.

Artist Note.
There are deliberate repeats of the mesa shape in the clouds,
ground, and bushes. I was testing something I recently read.
My internal jury is still out on it.

Painting a "site specific" view is hard on an impressionist like me.
A lovely blue blur of a shape would have been much easier.
Georgia Okeeffe was a modernist and clearly defined shapes
were what made her tick.  I am confident she would never have
considered working on a 6"x6" format...especially to capture
a vista view of Pedernal.
Forgive me Georgia -  but I do love your work.
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  1. I'm a big O'Keeffe this is a very interesting post for me. Did you see that Hallmark movie done about her a few years ago? It was really very good! I love your painting...and it is great to know how much she loved it there.

  2. I love her work and yours, Julie! Interesting facts about her. Your painting is very personal and beautiful!

  3. I am slacking, not like you. I love all three of your last post, but especially this one, with the depth, colors and contrasts. Lovely work as usual. Hug!

  4. I've never been a big O'Keefe fan but I sure love your work, Julie. I don't just say it either. I think this is beautiful.

  5. Sturdy is right!

    I like the repetition of those shapes. But, you'll have to talk about why the jury is still out!

  6. I love your color choices, so autumn in feel. I agree with your statements regarding Okeeffe and her painting style. In studying other old masters I have discovered how much we have built our knowledge from them and have gone beyond. I hope they approve.

  7. I agree with you, Julie and so love Georgia for more than her painting. Now, you have encouraged me to revisit a painting I did of a similar view from my trip to Santa Fe a few years ago. You are right about it being hard on an impressionist approach.
    I, too, would like to know why the jury is out. This is lovely.

  8. Julie, I've painted this mountain many times and your rendition is beautiful. Did you know that if you drive the road behind the lake, there is the coolest tiny village called Canones? Beautiful images with Pedernal from a completely different view. I'll send you a pic, maybe you'll want to paint it!

  9. I certainly feel the depth and distance with this one, Julie. How clever of you to echo the shapes of the mesa in other shapes in the painting. Your knowledge and skills astound me!

  10. This one is outstanding! So much space in a few inches... brilliant.

  11. Absolutely beautiful, Julie! Wonderful work!!!

  12. Agree with everything said. Love the colos in the sky.

  13. Beautiful.

    I have been to her museum in Santa Fe. Her images are striking, beautiful and brilliant in reproduction.

  14. I had the chance to paint there once myself, I can't get that place out of my mind! I love this painting of yours, I sometimes try to channel Georgia for her "fierceness"!

  15. Julie - how wonderful that you were able to capture such a lovely spot. Georgia O Keefe was a great artist and I always enjoy seeing her work but truly not any more than yours. Your colors in the sky as well as the foreground are great compliments. Very beautiful.


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