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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Georgia's Door

Georgia's Door

6x6in oil on canvas panel  $100. SOLD

This is influenced by a photo I took in Abiquiu, New Mexico
of the back of the Georgia O'Keeffe house...
looking over the wall with a zoom lens!

I was concerned about doing too much of a likeness as they
have copyrighted absolutely everything related to Georgia.
A visit to the home on tour is worth all the security and
scolding if one steps away from the strict directions. I loved
seeing her studio, kitchen and view.
I went back on a different day to explore the surroundings
and took lots of photos and painted color samples.

Artist Note
In my last post I showed how I use glass to explore options
when using a photo for reference.
Here is another way I find it INVALUABLE when showing.
artists options for improving their painting.
This painting below is by an artist friend who had copied an
old etching in oil and added color.

Placing the glass over it made it easy to explore some
changes before working on the canvas itself.
I like this method of showing the many different ways
the painting can be improved. FEARLESSLY.

Breaking up the
row of bushes
and not having
them all on the
same line.
Covering parts
of the straight

The brush flows smoothly over the glass and it makes
wish all canvas felt the same way!
Easy to lift off with the paint scraper and I use a
Clorox wipe to clean it off completely.


  1. Not sure how they can copyright everything related to Georgia O'keefe, it is like saying one can't paint the Eiffel Tower or something. Confess I don't know enough about the subject.
    Lovely painting though of the house.

  2. I hope they can't copyright everything, because we'd all be in you have me thinking!!! I LOVE this painting Julie...the rich colors and luscious texture is outstanding...excellent piece!!!

  3. Beautiful…I love doors and stucco homes. You have perfectly captured the essence of New Mexico

  4. This is so lovely, and Georgia was such an interesting artist, really lovely :)

  5. The painting of Giorgias house is stunning, such a great wall color that makes me think of the houses in Rome, lovely tone . And such fabulous blend of colors and dots here and there, love it ! The painting below became really great with a few changes !

  6. What a great post. Your painting is great but your demo is even better. Generous to a fault! Thank you so much..............and I love your blue doors next to the adobe. yes.....

  7. Thanks for sharing your process..Excellent info. LOVE Georgia's door.Bold, great color, comp and FEELING

  8. Very wonderful painting "Georgia's Door" and thanks for sharing with us all the steps of your great art work !!!

  9. How important is the sense of freedom to create ... it's why I'm working at this time, trying not to be intimidated by the materials.

    Your paintings are always fantastic color for the shape and tone, rhythm and composition.
    All your paintings are a visual lesson you there through gifts At Talk! Thanks dear Julie!

  10. I must confess your door of O'Keefe's home is much more beautiful than her own! I love it, Julie!!

  11. Your paint application is perfect for the house and surrounding objects! In the photo the house seems smooth(?) but I picture adobe as having a rough and tactile texture. What a really beautiful piece and another great tool for changing your painting around.

  12. Better than the original, I love the color of the door. The glass idea is a great one for oil painters.

  13. Interesting Julie. I just shared an exchange with a follower on my blog because I celebrated Ansel Adams birthday yesterday with a painting in his style. My follower told me he was friends with Georgia O Keefe. Then I open your blog and there is her back door!

  14. Love this painting Julie! I'm really in love with the lovely green palette knife marks at the lower left. Loving that!
    And thank you for the tip on using glass!! OMG that is going to change my life!

  15. Another fabulous painting Julie and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the glass idea! Thanks for sharing.

  16. Julie, beautiful!
    I know what you mean - I loved being in her house - the minimalism, the beauty, her studio looking out over the Espanola valley. I would love to live there!

  17. I look at your blog, shake my head and smile. You have so much knowledge and creativity I can only say thank you dear Julie.

  18. I love that you are sharing your process. It is so interesting to see the original photo and how your creativity and skill turns it into a so much more interesting painting.

  19. Another great glass demo, thanks Julie. Love your painting of the door, the way you use colour is wonderful!

  20. So delightful, the door stands out Julie, I am stunned by the copyright law!
    The glass demo made perfect sense, would like to try it out soon, thank you!

  21. I love the "editing" process using glass, Julie. What a great way to "audition" ideas and/or changes to a scene. Can't wait to try it!!

  22. I love this blue door, too.

    And thanks for the demo of glass editing.

  23. i LOVE georgia's door! beautiful painting!

  24. A marvelous new focus from this photo.... the blue door is fabulous!

  25. Julie - this is so pretty. Your fracturing technique just makes your art so beautiful. Hope you are having a wonderful week-end. Take care. Hugs

  26. This is really lovely...much more colorful than the original photo. The painting below this is beautiful too. I like your idea of using the glass. I wonder if that would work with watercolors. I've done it with acetate. I was able to do the tour of her studio too and it was so inspiring...rigidly run, but inspiring!

  27. as the painting was unscrolling while loading, I loved seeing it materialize. This is a beauty and I love everything about it.


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