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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Bosque, N.M.

Sky and River

6x6in oil on canvas board  $100.

A painting from memory and photo.

Below are the awesome Sandhill Cranes which
winter at Bosque Del Apache, N.M.
Only a 100 minute drive north of where I live.

Artist Note.
Thanks for all the thoughtful inquiries about my
lack of blogging.  Nice to be missed.
Thank you also for the beautiful comments on
my being included in The Art Room feature
on Artists Who Blog.
Many interesting and wonderful artists are
being interviewed and I highly recommend it.
The link above is for today's piece.


  1. I love these complementary colors. This is a beautiful landscape.

  2. This looks like it could be larger than 6 x 6...there is so much going on in such a quiet painting. It's quite beautiful.

    I finally sat down and read all of the Art Room feature on Artists Who Blog. It was an excellent write-up. It was great to see your work included in the article. The two paintings you picked were excellent choices, although I would have been hard-pressed to single out only two!

    Congratulations, Julie!

  3. Oh Julie I am so glad you are back! I have missed my daily 'fracturing fix' :0
    Lovely work as usual and I am now also a follower of the Art Room!

  4. Yes, you have been very quiet. I'm down with the flue, 3rd day with a fever.

  5. Been missing your your rich color and brushwork and this one is another beauty!

  6. Very beautiful painting, nice colours and very interesting technique !!!

  7. Oh dear, Julie! You have hugs in spades from me. And never fear, you are always missed when we do not hear from you in a few days.

    I love this painting; so stunning and I have to keep going back for another look! Makes me wish I was standing there and viewing this scene myself. Admittedly, I never could have captured it so beautifully as you have done!

  8. The cranes are wonderful but look at those mountains! Wow1 So sculptural:)

    Glad to see your painting too. Take care:)

  9. Yay! She's back! I love this landscape painting....wonderful expressive strokes of paint ..just luscious!

  10. It is so amazing how you captured the reflection of the trees in the river. This is so beautiful.

  11. Stunning painting Julie!! Looks like you had fun with this one.

  12. Julie, once again I see the rich, rich colors that you give your landscape. Love the depth. And so enjoying the Art Room. Artists are so generous.

  13. I wish I had a memory that would allow me to paint a landscape this gorgeously just like that ! Julie, thank you so much for your lovely comment on my last work .

  14. A beautiful scene, Julie....The water is painted so perfectly..... and please don't leave us again... LOL!

  15. So obviously painted with deep emotion and love for this spot in the world. Lovely as always, Julie and so glad you are back to blogging!

  16. Julie - this landscape is beautiful and to think it is from memory. Loved the picture of the Sandhill cranes. They are wonderful to see. Have heard of them seen any pictures before. They look like our herons here in Ohio. Hope you have lovely week-end.

  17. Beautiful colours! I find this painting very interesting with lots to look at!


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