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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Georgia's View - Ghost Ranch, NM.

Georgia's View - Ghost Ranch, NM

6x8in oil on canvas panel $125. SOLD

Artist Note
Ghost Ranch near Abiquiu, NM. is a wondrous place
for an artist.
A painter friend and I would stay a full week and we
did it for several years in a row.
It is a place where you can rent
a cottage or room and meals are provided, another big draw!

Georgia O'Keeffe owned two houses. One on the ranch
and the other in the small village of Abiquiu, NM.
The above painting is from a plein air sketch I did a
few years ago and is one of the many fabulous
views O'Keeffe would see from her home on the ranch.
Below are a couple of my photos taken while at
Ghost Ranch. Be prepared for jaw dropping moment
if you love the colors of the desert.
click to enlarge.


  1. Amazing! What a gorgeous place. My gosh, you really captured those colors in this painting. Fracturing is the perfect technique for representing such a stunning area.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, Julie....New Mexico is certainly an Artists' dream!!!

  3. Julie, you enhanced your photos. Definitely . And I agree, this scene really makes the most of your fracturing technique. So lovely. I feel warm just looking......

  4. Very beautiful oil painting with very amazing colours and technique !!!

  5. Another gorgeous painting!! I love the way the surface sparkles with colour, it seems to shift before the eyes, just as a heat haze would. Stunning! The photos are amazing too, it's easy to think of a desert as arid and barren, even boring. Who would have thought it could be so colourful and captivating?

  6. What a stunning painting, Julie!! I love how you've pulled all the colors from the photos into this piece. It sparkles like a jewel!

  7. Those are all gorgeous, your painting included. I would love to go and stay in a little cottage there-nothing but peace and quiet (hopefully!) and the light and the view. Really wonderful.

  8. I love your magical interpretation of Ghost Ranch. The colors are indeed magical with the unique mineral deposits running across the mountain range. Your painting brings back wonderful memories of my visit there, I have climbed to that butte! Wonderful view.

  9. Excellent, Julie! I really like those gem-like notes of blue color!!

  10. Your work is so mesmerizing. I really admire your use of color. It's effective without being over-done. I also enjoyed reading about the Ghost Ranch!

  11. The painting is just as beautiful. Love the photo's and, painting.

  12. Fabulous painting, photos. What a great trip to make.

  13. By pure chance, we found your blog, in this huge ocean that is the net, and it was impossible not to include it on our list of favorite blogs, that we intend to keep following.
    We are absolutely delighted with your works... the colors (strong, bright and cheerful), the themes and the painting's textures.
    We are two autodidacts, from Portugal, whose passions are photography, painting and miniature model works.
    We like to inspire ourselves on Nature.
    Our web address is and if this is not of your entire approval, please contact us for and your link will be removed from our blog.
    Continuation of such beautiful works.
    Best regards.
    Ana Freire and Jorge Gonçalves

  14. Julie; when is the best time of year to go there? I've always wanted to go...and your painting & story make it even more compelling...reminding me that it is on my 'bucket list' of places to experience!

  15. I want to visit one day....what a beautiful painting you painted to describe such a magnificent place!

  16. Oh truly a marvelous view and color! I like Dean's comment 'gem tones' ... yes!

  17. Yes, what a great trip! The painting is strong, colors perfect. I can't imagine waking up each morning and seeing such inspiration. But I can't recall O'Keefe painting her mountain view? I do recall Stieglitz's photographs though. I'd be painting them in all sorts of lighting. I'd need a room for a week. What fun.

  18. The blues grabbed me right off, and together the colors just pulsate, Julie. This would look wonderful in large format, also.

  19. Julie,
    I love your fracturing technique, have tried it and shared it with my students in a recent brushwork workshop. This piece though, is stunning. I love it even more than your still life fractured pieces. Fun to watch....

  20. Up close this one is very abstract, but the subtle changes in values and color temperatures really make those mountains come to life when I take a step back (or two), very educational. =)

  21. Dear Julie - I must share these photos of the desert with hubby and your gorgeous painting. We are so wanting to visit New Mexico. I hope someday we may. Your art makes me see how truly beautiful a place you live. Take care and have a great week end.


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