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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunset on the Bosque

Sunset on the Bosque.

6x6in oil on canvas panel  $100. SOLD

A beautiful sunset reflecting on water and snow.

Artist Note.

Sometimes it is nice to do a small painting
which does not fight back.
One of the blogs I follow, Conservatively Bohemian,
showed this wonderful PHOTO
I wrote and asked Sherry if I could use
the photo and being the lovely person she is...
of course she said yes.
Thanks again Sherry!

The photo is full of mood and is of a sunrise.
As always, once I start painting it takes on
a life of its own and soon it became a sunset
reflecting on the water at the bosque.
Why the bosque? Most likely because I have
recently been painting it and it was fresh in
my mind. I have also painted the sunset
at the bosque quite a few times so the colors
and reflections are in my memory buds.
Funny how I can forget the grocery list but 
remember the visual stuff.
Anyone out there who can relate?


  1. Oh my goodness! I'm first in line. Thank you for this lovely little painting and the commentary. I learn so much about your work and process. Your blog is one of my daily delights.

  2. oh yes me too...I can recall the shape of a leaf, the colour of a flower, or the way the way my dog's forehead crinkles, but where did I leave my car keys?

  3. Lovely rich sunrise. I can feel the warmth. Have a great week!

  4. Oh how gorgeous!! I love the texture and the colors and how you made this photo your own, Julie. Absolutely stunning!!

  5. Love this piece, Julie. Those colors really speak to me.

  6. GORGEOUS painting, Julie!!! A beautiful sunset!!!

  7. Beautiful sunset Julie wherever it came from in your memory. It is funny how we remember images, but forget names and items on grocery lists. I think it's a right side left side of the brain thing?

  8. Wonderful, you have captured the beauty of a sunset.

  9. Yay for Sherry...isn't she the greatest!!
    Super painting, Julie! I like those luscious bands of complementary colors across this beautiful moment in time!

  10. Such a good idea doing small oil paintings - I see this has Sold...and not surprising as it is GORGEOUS :-)

  11. Stunning warm golden glow, Julie! Magical!

  12. I agree with Carol Flatt - this painting does glow! It gives such a feeling of peace. So beautiful!

  13. Oh yeah I can relate, my wife Helen will testify!!!! This is another great picture Julie, I'm tempted to do some knife painting when I see yours, but I would have to do it in acrylic, I presume the methods would transfer ok...... ish? Once again, I'm so impressed by your use of colour. Beautiful!!

  14. this is just so beautiful, i so agree, it glows! just perfect! and i forget everything!

  15. I can see the colors from the reference photo, but I would never connect the two. You're painting is lovely and look nothing like the photo.

  16. What grocery list?
    Here it looks like you are playing with color. And soooo nicely.
    the compliments just shine and sparkle. It is absolutely fun to look at and take in.

  17. need a picture grocery list.
    This is beautiful.

  18. A perfect lesson in using reference material. You made it your own.
    Beautiful colors.

  19. Congratulations, I not surprised this sold so fast. I love it almost as much as the Prism Pool from last year. I just noticed my name on your Blog list. I knew you read it, but I'm chuffed to see it in writing. :)

  20. So rich and golden! I love it and feel you brought a lot of yourself to the original photo inspiration. Bravo!

  21. This is oh so scrumptious, Julie! That thick colour simply glows.

  22. Love the colours in this Julie and I can relate. Even down to remembering what someone was wearing when I first met them, their earrings, always the visual-but I forgot my bank card PIN number yesterday!!!! It was a temporary lapse, I remembered it by the time I got home.

  23. Very wonderful sunset painting with very amazing colours !!!
    Have a nice and creative day !!!

  24. It does glow and the texture works so well.

  25. Such a pretty one Julie...not surprised it's sold at all. I am with you on the whole grocery list thing.


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