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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Another Peony Painting #3

Peony #3
8x8in oil on canvas board  $175. SOLD

I am really enjoying painting the peonies.
It is the season...I see so many artists painting them.

Artist Note.
I did the total underpainting with the fan brush using the technique
shown HERE
Of course, I used different colors but everything was laid in
in the same way. I even started the peonies and leaves
with the chisel motion. Then I came in with my fracturing technique.
See HERE  - using most of the side edge  of the fan brush to finish
the forms. I have used three different techniques to explore
the peony with and have enjoyed them all.
Next, a drawing!

Thank you for all the great comments.
I will be sure to get round to all your blogs. I genuinely love seeing
what everyone does. I have found the difference between Facebook
and blogs is the depth of information. Facebook is quick and easy but
some of the ones I get the most out of are the blogs.
 Does anyone else agree?


  1. I like the relationship that has developed over time with some people through the blog.
      My friendships are born more from the blog and then are kept
    also on facebook.
      There is a deeper dialogue, through the blog.
      In many blogs I can see the soul of the people and their becoming, just like with the friends I meet in everyday life.
    I really love to be together in blogland!
    Peonies so fugitive and delicate, beautiful forever now, in your painting, dear Julie.

    1. You have created an intimacy through your blog. I feel like I know you and I have enjoyed the sharing of techniques and artists. Always interesting. it is a gift you pass on to so many of us.
      I agree with your comment and thank you..

  2. Dear Julie, another lovely peony painting ! I enjoyed seeing you video about the fan brush technique. You obtain great nuances with this technique.
    Facebook/ blog ? I do not use facebook as I don't see the purpose of it ! Maybe the immediacy? However, I much prefer a blog or even a website. I think I like something that is well organized and an image that has a story (sorry for my bad English :)

  3. I prefer the most recent peony painting. It has the essence of the flowers and cherries . The looseness in the paint convey the beauty of the flowers and leaves that is breathtaking.

  4. Very beautiful all your peony paintings, I am really enjoying them !!!
    Happy Sunday !!!

  5. Soft and delicate as peonies should be! By changing the vase, you create a varied piece from the previous painting yet still as exciting!

    I agree completely! I only recently joined FB but I do like to use it to keep up with artist I want to follow quickly. See their art but I don't need to let them know. A blog is more in depth, you get to know the real person and there is a strong sense of belonging.

  6. Another beauty, Julie. These peonies are such a perfect subject! As to the Facebook thing, I never really did enjoy it when I was on there. Finally took myself off after I saw something on one of my daughter's pages. I love blogging and am finding it a wonderful venue for making some fabulous friends.

  7. Peonies are on my list to paint. Yours are so beautiful and especially with the fracturing technique! I have found that Facebook is my "at a glance" avenue when there is no time. And I agree, it is more in depth to read blogs where there is more discussion about what is behind the art. For me, it is a time question. Working 2 jobs and trying to paint and keep up with others is a challenge...for sure!

  8. Masterful painting, Julie! How you integrate your colors throughout the painting is always a marvel to me!

    Blogging has been such a blessing to me. The dialogue, demonstrations, contacts, friends and references have been invaluable to one living in a semi-rural area. I appreciate the "community" feeling of people interested in the same things that I find of interest.

  9. Hi Julie, Such a lovely Julie Ford Oliver masterpiece!

  10. These peonies are beautifully painted, Julie! You have such an amazing technique... and I always enjoy your work. I've been blogging for a few years now and I have to say I enjoy it so much. I feel like everyone is true friends... some I've met by going to their exhibits!. I don't go on facebook too much...but my friend found me after 40 years and now we visit it has its good points.

  11. Julie, this painting seems to me to be the culmination of all your demos, your trials. In this one you took everything you have learned and applied it. For me, it is stunning, graceful and masterful. I will keep watching..........and learning. Artists are so generous.

  12. As it is it is an enjoyable experience when I visit to see what you have been up to, when you provide a link to your technique, it is a bonus:-) So so beautiful Julie and I must admit that through my blog I made some good friends.

  13. Do doubts about those being beautiful, lush peonies. Your skills with the fan brush and your fracturing tool are admirable. I think flower painting is as structured as portraiture. A construction plan with regard to build up and the right tools are key. To capturing the form.

    I just noticed you follow your followers by titles, not images. Your painting is what brought me over to take a closer look. My title seen here looks dull. But your blog layout does look less cluttered. Maybe I'll make that change?

  14. Well, I have to admit, I first saw this beautiful painting of yours on Facebook. Facebook is my go-to place when I need to dash...and here lately it feels often. I prefer the intimacy of blogging though. Like everyone said's where I've some lasting friendships.

    This peony painting sure is gorgeous. I am not surprised it's sold.

  15. A fabulous series of more beautiful than the other , your techniques are those of a true master ! I'm not on Facebook,so I wouldn't know the difference, but I like the feeling of familiarity with my blogger friends .

  16. Julie your peony paintings are divine! We don't have peonies here (at least I don't think so!). You have such a distinctive and rare talent and your blog is SUCH a pleasure to visit!

  17. I love all your peony paintings! They're so rich and intricate, I want to look at every square inch. They don't grow in San Antonio, alas . . .


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