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Monday, May 5, 2014


Grand View

6x8in oil on canvas panel  $125.
Purchase here

Not my typical work, but one I enjoyed painting
- inspired by memories of wonderful family trips.

Artist Note.
Busy, busy time. This is the last month
teaching at the Artists Guild before summer break
I have been organizing the
9th annual exhibit of member's work.
I follow this up by offering two workshops in June and then
time for Julie to paint, paint, paint!

This month's focus at the Guild is showing the myriad of ways
to use a fan brush.
I will be showing some of them on my blog.
Neat stuff!

Now - I am off to check out all of your wonderful posts.


  1. This has a lovely peacefulness about it, tells a little story I think :)

  2. A beautiful view, so in tune with the month of May has just begun! I know that every year at this time there are great activities for you and I look forward to the surprises ....!

  3. Beautiful painting, very nostalgic. Standing on that plateau reminds me of something spectaular...perhaps Sound of Music. Traveling is such a blessed thing and I am glad you and your family have had those experiences.

  4. This may not be your typical, but it is definitely a Julie Ford Oliver painting. Stunning. I stared at it for a long time.

    Sending a thoughts of HIGH energy your way to see you through your wonderful schedule!

  5. Absolutely lovely. It suggests such a wonderful mood. And I love the background. Beautifully painted,simple with lots of information. Getting ready for a show leaves no time to paint.....I just found that our first hand. Now I will be getting "back to it"

  6. This is very beautiful, Julie! Such a nice change! I love the colors and wonderful texture as always....

  7. Beautiful color, at which you excel. But, I particularly like the way the girl, dog and landscape are all in perfect harmony

  8. Seems you can paint anything Julie, I am jealous! I love figurative work, it is so hard to produce a piece with children and not make them too sugary, this is not sugary in any way, very nostalgic, takes me back to when I was a child, always on my own (3brothers) and happy to be so,x

  9. Bonjour,
    Une très belle oeuvre. J'aime particulièrement la relation de cette fillette avec son chien... Une peinture pleine de sérénité. Les couleurs sont très harmonieuse et la lumière illumine agréablement votre sujet.
    Je vous souhaite de nombreux élèves..

    Gros bisous ♡

  10. Very wonderful painting !!!
    Have a nice day Julie !!!

  11. Not very typical at all! This one is poetic. The figure is terrific. She's detailed, but not.

  12. Well, you know I really like this one! Glad you are busy but also that you will get a break soon:)

  13. A wonderful depiction of God's handiwork from border to border, Julie!!

  14. Wonderful painting...and though it is not your 'typical' one- it is definitely your 'style'. Very Compelling!!

  15. Really love the mood of this painting and the wonderful combination of warm and cool colors , another favorite !

  16. Julie - this may not be your usual subject but it is a gorgeous one. I can feel your lovely memories in this piece. Bet you are looking forward to just painting...enjoy the end of this season and the beginning of the next dear one.

  17. You amaze me Julie! Look at this wonderful painting you have done in the midst of your business. To me, a painting is always more interesting when there are figues in it. It tells a does yours! Love it!

  18. So sweet, and I love the colors!

  19. Julie, this piece is magical! I truly love it! Breathtaking work and oh to paint like you do!!

  20. It's lovely Julie, as are all your pieces. It has a wonderful mood about it.

  21. This painting feels both epic and evocative! Your brush strokes are amazing Julie!!


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