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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Door In France With Canaries

 Door in France With Canaries

8x6in oil on linen panel  $130. SOLD

This reminded me of growing up in England when my mother 
would hang the bird cages outside during nice weather.
This house has beautiful shuttered windows which
I am looking forward to painting.

Artist Note.
My thanks for all the thoughtful replies to my question 
regarding blogs versus facebook.
It appears we all agree that a blog has a depth of
interest and communication which is different to Facebook.
Both are good - just different.


  1. Whenever I see a new blue door painting of yours, I swear my heart leaps. I love them.

  2. Love the subject matter and of course you are a master of color. Another beauty Julie.

  3. Very beautiful blue door painting with very amazing colours and light !!!
    Have a nice day Julie !!!

  4. This definitely takes me to Europe, and is so beautiful, Julie. I love how you paint light and shadow!

  5. You know I love these turquoise doors! Feels like you could step right up to see the birds:)

  6. This is beautiful, Julie. LOVE the colors you used in this painting and love the shadows in gorgeous colors!!!

  7. Beautiful - and I love the story of the canaries! A long while ago my family traveled to Singapore (husband had stopped there with Navy duty). There was a coffee house on Sunday mornings where older gentlemen would bring their caged pet finches. The pretty little cages were hung on the wire lines across the patio, where we could all listen to them sing! I'll never forget it!

    1. I love the your story Roxanne. It became a visual treat for me as your words created a wonderful image.

  8. I love the turquoise fact I love the whole painting! It reminds me of when I had birds and used to hang their cages outside my door. Lovely memories!
    I missed the blog about facebook v blog, but my take on it is..I usually see paintings on facebook first and can quickly 'like' it then I go to the blog post. I feel there is more information and it's more personal!

  9. Another gorgeous picture!! These scenes of rustic charm you do so well always seem to me to be tempered with a rugged permanence, in essence, what makes a house into a real home. The colours vibrate with eachother, they absolutely sing and I can smell a huge pot of cassoulet simmering in the kitchen and freshly baked bread. A feast for the eyes!!!

  10. That blue colour on the door makes it stand out.

  11. Lovely shadows. And you made the door so inviting. I think we would all like to visit.


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