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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Peonies in Oil

Peonies and Cherries

8x6in oil on canvas board  $150. SOLD

Peony season is almost over here, but what a 
gorgeous flower it is.

Artist Note.
After doing the previous peony painting in watercolor
I had to follow it up with an oil painting while the
colors were still fresh in my mind. 
I really like this one!



  1. This is absolutely beautiful, Julie. I went back and forth trying to see the difference between the watercolor and oil but I love them both equally ! I love the thick oils and how amazing the texture is! You are so, so talented !!

    1. I treasure this comment, Hilda. Thank you for taking a genuine interest in my art. You are so nice, not only to me, but to so many of us bloggers.

  2. I so love peonies (not yet in flowers in Montreal) ! And your paintings of peonies are so gorgeous...Thank you to share !

  3. Bonjour,

    Je suis complètement éblouie et conquise par ce merveilleux bouquet de pivoines... Ce sont des fleurs si délicates et vous les avez traitées comme telles...
    L'harmonie des couleurs et votre touche leur rendent un bel hommage. Bravo pour ce travail étonnant.

    Gros bisous ♡

  4. What a wonderful example of the lushness of oils. Your dark pattern takes me right where I want to go. Those beautiful blossoms. Yes, indeed.

  5. You are an expert with both the mediums, I cant decide which version is more beautiful than the other because both are stunning in their own way.

  6. Magnifique travail qui se rapproche de l'impressionnisme. C'est une explosion de couleurs, bravo !...

  7. Very wonderful flower paiting with so lovely peonies !!!
    Have a nice day !!!

  8. I love this one, the colours are so rich and your technique is endlessly fascinating, you are the best :)

  9. I REALLY like this one too, the flowers have come alive under your touch . Simply striking !

  10. This one is beautiful too. You ended up with two wonderful results from those lovely flowers:)

  11. Wow, Julie. This one's a stunner! Very beautiful.

  12. Wow is right! I love it in oils and watercolor! Beautiful juicy colors and the pinks are perfect. It is a gorgeous combination with the dark cherry color surrounding the vase.

  13. Julie - I have a hard time deciding which one I like best. Both are so lovely and they both have your great touch. I am so glad you are capturing them while they last. Mine have not started blooming yet but you have inspired me to try capturing them in paint when they do. Have a lovely week-end and as always thanks for sharing.

  14. A great inspiration, Julie, to try painting the same subject or concept but with two totally different mediums. One can really see the differences between the two and the characteristics of each. The oil is thick and weighty while the watercolor on Yupo is airy and light. Colors are bolder with oil and softer with watercolor. The Yupo paper results in unpredictable and spontaneous spots, drips and merges which is great fun, while the oil can be more controlled and do what the artist guides it to do.It's not a matter of which is best, but which offers the effects you're after. Well done!

  15. How beautiful, Julie!! I love the texture you have in this painting and I really want some of those delicious looking cherries! Your work sells so quickly that I am awed!

  16. I love this one too, Julie. Your paintings always have such emotion and feeling-- so much more than just the subject itself. Thank you for sharing your art with us. Just beautiful!!!

  17. All those colors fit so well! Beautiful, Julie!

  18. Dear Julie, I was very absorbed in recent weeks by clinical controls, and then the fatigue that they have left me ... I finally tried to do a portrait of my granddaughters, but it is a difficult path. The graphite comes out well, but the paint is a different story. I missed a bit 'comments, while following the reading.
    Your peonies are delicate and beautiful . Always I admire in every situation how you can be so coherent to the your artistic choices. Have nice week end.Warm greetings,Rita.

  19. I still find it amazing that when you go from one medium to another in these peonies, from w/c to oil....there is that underlying quality of you beneath all that ....whether it's the brushstrokes or what...they are both have that similarity & are easy to identify as your work!


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