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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Late Afternoon Sun

Late Afternoon Sun
6x8in oil on canvas panel   SOLD

The sun is going down earlier and appears 
even richer in color as it casts 
its golden glow on the fall foliage.

Artist Note.
Another adobe where it appears 
they added on as the family grew.
The old adobe houses are so small
by today's standards,
but they certainly managed,
sharing one bathroom
and even their beds, and grew up
 becoming what has been called, 
The Greatest Generation.

My daughter is once again posting 
for me. My computer is in the shop.
I will be back posting when I get it back.


  1. That late afternoon sun is beautiful against the house!!! The tree in the foreground is perfect. Another gorgeous piece, Julie!!!

  2. The glow has accentuated the beauty of the house, looks ravishing!

  3. Bonjour chère amie,

    La rencontre du soleil automnal et de cette maison est juste divine... Votre palette de couleurs jongle agréablement.
    Je possède plusieurs oeuvres de Victor Charreton... Vos couleurs sont si proches des siennes.
    J'aime +++
    Gros bisous ☼

  4. Very beautiful painting with amazing colours and ligh !!!

  5. The autumn light is magical and you have captured that feeling here! I love peeking in through the tree, it is a beautiful house.

  6. You are onto a new series! I like it. The lighting on both this one and the pink house is beautifully done. It's obvious you are enjoying the change in subject.

  7. Both of the last two pieces have really had some atmosphere. Love those adobes too:)

  8. ohh, the glow of autumn light is fantastic!

  9. Dear Julie - how beautiful. Enjoyed your words too about the greatest generation. They new the importance was not on things but family, warmth and fellowship. This is what your painting says to me. I can see the family gathered inside around the dinner table...laughter and great conversation going on. Reminds me of how it was when I was growing up. Hope you get your computer back soon. Hugs

  10. Ahhhhh, you captured a subject I love just perfectly. I'm smiling......

  11. The low-key colors throughout really allow the high-key colors to shimmer. What a beauty, Julie!

  12. Colors are very beautiful! The light is poetic !

  13. You are a Master of color! It blows me away.

  14. The pinks in this piece make it so special and creates such a warm light and glow. Amazing Julie.


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