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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Organ Mountain Sunrise

Organ Mountain Sunrise

6x8in oil on canvas panel  $125. SOLD

Artist Note.
This is a "site specific" landscape.
The Rio Grande with the Organ Mountains
in the distance.
The Organ mountains are the
jewel of the southernmost part
of the Rockies and are 9,000 ft high.

I cannot fudge and be my own landscaping
company with this one.
This is the only place where the river
bends to have the mountains as a backdrop,
otherwise, it always runs parallel.
After painting the previous two landscapes
in an abstract manner, and having leeway to
place masses for design impact -
I had to stay true with this one.
Fortunately, it is a view I love to paint. 


  1. Sherbet skies, jeweled valleys...just stunning!

  2. And the painting shows your fascination. Beautiful country. Beautiful painting. I can smell that wonderful mountain air. Lucky gal.

  3. Julie,
    This one is particularly beautiful. I love the colors, and as always, the luscious paint application!

  4. A view we never get tired of seeing, Julie! I love and miss seeing these purple mountains. Beautiful work!!!

  5. Beautiful. Love the composition. Leads me right in......

  6. these are all so beautiful - LOVE your color palettes!!

  7. Lovely palette Julie! I love the simplicity and's a beautiful view!!

  8. Very beautiful landscape with very amazing colours of sunrise!!!
    Happy weekend Julie !!!

  9. Rockies look majestic in any part it runs and this is no exception, the sunrise makes it more so! Lovely colors Julie!

  10. J'adore votre "touche" qui reflète à la fois une grande sensibilité mais aussi une assurance dans le choix artistique...votre palette de couleurs froides et chaude est magnifique

  11. Beautiful! I love how you have been fulfilling your mission statement!

  12. Your colors and textures are just gorgeous!

  13. I know what you mean when you say you can't fudge this one, there are some serious mountain experts out there. I love your textures and colors- it reminds me of an orange sherbet sunrise, it is a beautiful place, Julie!

  14. Dear Julie - what an awesome painting. Amazing how you capture the most beautiful colors. They definitely have a southwestern feel. Are they called Organ for a reason? Such an interesting name for a mountain range. Just beautiful as ever my dear friend. Hugs!!

  15. Beautiful work Julie. Love the colors and textures. Hilda and I were talking about your amazing work, just Brilliant!

  16. Very inspiring, Julie! The Organs are impressive and you've captured a wonderful view. Makes me want to visit again and make time to go paint out!

  17. Julie, the sky is incredible against the majestic mountains. Wow, wow and wow. I love the pale greens the most. My goodness this is so pretty. It is clear how dear this view is to you because it's painted with such perfection.


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