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Monday, October 27, 2014

Santa Fe - Pink Adobe

Santa Fe Adobe
6"x 8"
oil on canvas panel  $130.

After all the previous "abstract" landscapes 
here is a direct painting
of a pink adobe house.
I love this particular house 
and have painted it several times!

Artist Note
I  have been having major computer problems
and my daughter is posting this one for me.
Thank you, sweet Rainy! 

Another thank you for
everyone's visits 
and comments.


  1. Love this, actually, love all your work. Sorry about your computer problems.Thank God, for daughters.

  2. You painted this house beautifully, Julie. LOVE the colors and that perfect shadow on the door leading to this house....nice work as always!!!! and I've been having problems with google so my Nephew came over last night and saved the day!
    So far so good!

  3. Dear Julie - love that pink adobe house. I can see why you would want to paint it often. Very lovely. So glad Rainy has come through for you - good luck in your computer problems. They are wonderful when working but test us when they don't! Hugs

  4. Beautiful color combinations with the pinks and greens, I love the juicy textures! It is so nice of your daughter to help you. I hope you have it all worked out soon, we really can't live without them anymore.

  5. I love the light shining off the adobe! Lovely!!!

  6. Charming pink cottage. Very romantic. It does stimulate the imagination.

  7. That palette is just amazingly gorgeous, Julie. The whole composition just sits so perfectly beautifully for me. I can see why you like this house!

  8. Merci Rainy de nous permettre de profiter de cette nouvelle peinture, texture magnifique, je ne suis pas fan du rose mais l'ensemble est tellement harmonieux...bravo !

  9. Wonderful texture and colors, Julie! I particularly like the shapes and various greens in the plants in the foreground. Great palette knife work!

  10. ohhhh, this is so inviting! I just want to BE there!!

  11. The house is perfectly composed with all that back drop and I would love to see how it is behind those closed windows, eye catching piece Julie!

  12. What a beautiful painting! I'm ready to move into this sweet cottage!

  13. A charming painting Julie. I loved the architecture of the adobe houses in NM when I visited few months ago. Love the knife work.

  14. I was drawn to the colors in this painting.... SUPERB!

  15. I want to live in that house. It's so pretty...or is it the way you have painted it that I love so much? Oh and the blue gate...adore.


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