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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Reflections On The Pond

6x8in oil on canvas panel  $135. SOLD

Artist Note 
This one is as much about 
the reflections as the 
lily pads and Koi. 

 I had started a series 
about reflections earlier this year
(March) but was thwarted in my
efforts by a health issue.
Here I feel the same pull to capture
the reflections as I did earlier.
The addition of the lily pads and 
colorful Koi makes it more enticing

Keeping it abstract.
All palette knife except for the fish.


  1. That is a nice balance! Everything each has its own presence without diminishing the importance of its neighbors. (If that makes sense!) Very nicely done!

    I am curious to know too if you actually used black here or if its a mixture. And if it is a mixture, do tell!

  2. Hi Libby - no black, but Ultramarine Deep and Transparent Brown Oxide. I can turn it cooler or warmer. The main thing for me is to keep my dark areas as transparent as possible.
    Thanks for the visit.

    1. Thank you, Julie! You have talked about that mix before and so I should have remembered. This morning I tried out several secondary mixes and tri/ primary mixes to get a dark "black" color. None of the undertones/colors excited me much and then I applied your info! I used a raw umber instead though to get the warmer, "yellow" undertone that I wanted. See how successful your teaching day was today?? LOL!
      Thanks again!

    2. Great - good for you. Thanks for letting me know.

  3. so beautiful and ready to come alive!!!!

  4. The colours are perfect and the weight in the foreground works beautifully. It makes me want to paint more fish.

    I was asked where my inspiration comes from in painting and after thinking about it, I said reflections. Whether water, glass or metal, the light on surfaces is endless interesting.

  5. I love the way you explore a subject over and over. This one is quite effective. It appears that you have applied thicker paint on some of the lily pads...that's a touch I always enjoy.

  6. The reflections are So spot on in their abstract sort of way. Then those beautiful koi make this so beautiful! Love it. So much to look at here.

  7. This is very dynamic! I love the abstraction within the representation. It's interesting and beautiful!

  8. Really wonderful painting! Love your style. Nice handling of the layers; underwater, water surface and lily pads. Hope you're well now.

  9. Julie, this is mesmerizing. You have a wide range of values enhanced by a striking rhythm of ripples and reflections. All of this in a remarkable 6" X 8" size!

  10. Love the movement. Was at Epcot sketching today and took some great pictures of the lily pond at the China pavilion. I feel more of this theme in my future!

  11. This has been a really worthwhile series, Julie. How you do it on such small canvases amazes me. I've been looking at reflections too, typically those in shop windows - they offer extraordinary contrasts: the reflection of, say, someone sleeping rough in a shop window where four poster beds were on sale.............been thinking about boats a lot too :)

  12. Another stunner! Your knife work is just wonderful, Julie!

  13. The same subject with different approaches make it fascinating to study your works, brilliant!

  14. great reflections and movement to the water :) everything works so well together here

  15. Awesome reflections Julie! I missed two of your paintings...both beautiful! I just came back from beautiful Tennessee with lots of reference photos! Lol

  16. Very wonderful abstract composition with so amazing colour reflections !!!
    Have a nice and creative week Julie !!!

  17. Works beautifully as an abstract. And I really like your dark. Great depth.

  18. Now you're talking! Abstractions let me in to see what I can see.


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