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Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year Roses

Roses from a Friend

8x6in oil on canvas  $125.

Well - am I a lucky gal or what! A friend
decided she knew the answer to my recent "trials and
tribulations" and sent me these gorgeous roses.
Lickity split...just like that, I painted these without
any redos.

Artist Note.

As I finish this year I reflect on the personal growth
in my art. I managed to develop my own technique and
even devised a tool for doing it. It has brought me deep
personal satisfaction as well.
Looking back on my journey into Fracturing, I can see
bits of it appearing and then disappearing for many years.
It took the discipline of painting every day to bring it out.
I wanted the looser appearance in my work but didn't
want to just swish my brush over the edges to get it.
There were a whole pile of artists doing fresh loose
paintings. This was the school I was drawn to.
Studying John Singer Sargent was a great way to start.

This very week, one year ago, I painted these roses.

I still love roses and blue and white vessels, and I was
rather pleased with this one here, but I can
tell you that I prefer the actual act of painting the new one.
It holds my interest and I find the painting has more "life"
to it.
Breakthrough pieces were
these freesias.  I painted this
one very loosely and fast
on oil primed canvas.
(This one has never sold
and I always thought it
was a strong painting.)

I followed it with the version above. Both were painted
as a demo to show the different approaches to the same
subject. I loved painting this one so went  back to try
and do it again.

 This time I tried it with hard
surfaces to see if it would
I was delighted to find it did.

I use the two pieces above in my gallery area to demonstrate
what the fracturing is in comparison to my more realistic pieces.
I can tell you that as many visitors like the first one
as do the second one. It is the more knowledgeable ones,
and usually artists, or ones with some art background
who enjoy the Fracturing.

Next step was to see if I
could use the technique
with a landscape.
I did a series on
Yellowstone using the
watercolor sketches I had
painted when there.
I enjoyed it immensely.
I had found a technique I
could paint everything

In March I did a series on lemons  and Daily Paintworks picked
my Lemonade as one of their "picks of the day"
and I was thrilled. Then a couple months later I was a featured
Spotlight artist (click if you would like to read the interview.)
I started to realize that my Fracturing technique had a following.
I was asked to do an Artbyte by Daily Paintworks so I made a video
(in real time ) It has been finished and will be offered later this month.

So this has been my trip down memory lane for the year 2012
I want to give a special thank you to those wonderful people
who have bought my work. You gave me encouragement
to continue in the new direction. Without art collectors there
would be less painters and what a loss to our culture it would be.

Thank you also to my wonderful blogging friends and supporters.
I look forward to seeing your new work and following your
amazing blogs in this new year.
I wish for you all a healthy, enjoyable and productive art life in 2013
Your friend in art,

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  1. What a great summation of your year. I say thank you to you for your generous mentoring and sharing of your process. I love reading this blog and often visit others I find here. We are all on the same journey. May we continue to bloom in 2013.

    1. And I thank you for all the interesting sharing you do on your blog.
      The reason I try and answer a comment with something I have liked on someones blog is in the hope it will attract another bloggers interest too.
      Here is to blooming!

  2. julie, i've been taking a blogging break, but i want to speak up here to wish you a happy new year and thank you for all that you share. your paintings sing such a brilliant song!



    1. Glad you did and thank you Lynne. When you say song I must tell you that I enjoyed your post with Imagine on it by Lennon.

  3. Julie, I enjoy your work so much, and fracturing aside (which I do so love), even your pieces without it are beautiful and strong. Well-rounded artist, you are!

    1. Thanks so much from one well rounded (especially after all I have gorged on this Christmas) to another!

  4. Personally fracturing is not for me but I think it works so well with these roses, the tonality and soft focus.

    I spent a couple of days this week going through your blogs from the beginning. Of all the blogs that pop into my mail box yours is the best. I sort the keepers into a file marked "Julie Ford Oliver" and click in there when looking for inspiration. Thank you for all the inspiration. I am a single (widow) Artist and some days I would feel very isolated if it wasn't for those wonderful blogs.

    It's a tough choice but I think my favourite painting of yours year is the Yellowstone Prismatic Pool. I also loved your pansies because they always remind me of my much loved Nana. You commented on my "Victorian Rose" at Daily Paintworks which also turns out to be one of my favourites of the year - completely out of character with it's subtle colour and transparency, now I wonder who was influencing me there?

    Have a wonderful year Julie, I so look forward to reading every blog you send out in 2013.

    Do you do Facebook? If so you may enjoy the group I moderate "Get Your Art Out There". Hugs Sea Dean

    1. I really am grateful for the nice long comment. Full of good things to make me feel special!
      All along I have told my husband that there are people out there who are isolated or have no way to get instruction and I hope to reach them. MY favorite emails are from other artists who can only learn from the computer and how wonderful that so many of us are passing on solid information.
      Prismatic Pool was my favorite to visit as well as to paint from the Yellowstone series and it went to a gallery owner so it confirms your excellent taste.
      I remember your Victorian Rose. Simply beautiful. Your blog rejected my attempts to leave a message last time. I love yout articles and it is obvious to me you are an intelligent and talented artist.
      I wish I had more time to get around more frequently but if we could only make more hours in the day.
      Will check the, Get Your Art Out There, group.
      I have just started a Facebook page. "julie ford oliver studio" I have no idea how it will work but was asked repeatedly by people who cannot do the blogs to give it a go.
      Wishing you all wonderful things for 2013 and hope my blog continues to delight you.

  5. Happy New Year Julie. I enjoyed your recap of the year and how your Fracturing developed. I really enjoy looking at the difference, but find the surface with fracturing the most interesting!

    1. HNY to you too and glad you like the fracturing. I think I like it because it is a challenge to do. Never bored - frustrated, but never bored.

  6. HAPPY NEW YEAR Julie...wish you ALL the best ! You are such a generous and talented artist, thanks for your taking time to explain your steps. xx

    1. Thank you my dear Jane. Your new painting has such beautiful colors. We have been visiting each other for a long time now and I enjoy your blog and what you write, so very much

  7. Happy new year! Thank you for so generously sharing your thoughts and process while creating your lovely work! You are inspiring!

    1. thank you Kathleen. Nice of you to say that.
      Love your beautiful bell on the ribbon. Amazing.

  8. I couldn't be happier for you, really. Having such a productive and artistically meaningful year is something to truly be grateful for.

    Here's to another year of discovery and conviction in your work. Hope your evening last night and day today is wonderful.

    1. You will be so grateful for a new year full of good health, Libby. You have shown a wonderful capacity for full recovery and your work is exciting and exploratory. I will continue to look forward to seeing your next pieces.
      My hubby has a birthday today so he gets spoiled and i have the pleasure of doing it.

  9. You're back!!

    What a wonderful year you have had Julie. Thank you for sharing it with us. It has been a great journey for all of us.

    Love the lemonade painting, it's fabulous!

    1. Hi Carol. Nice of you to pass that on.
      I think you are onto something with your last series of flower paintings. I really like them and am looking forward to seeing if it translates to all your work.

  10. The comparison of your paintings is really interesting. I find the fractured ones more exciting especially the still life. Hope you have many more masterpieces in 2013

    1. Thanks for the good wishes and sending them back to you, Polly. It will be fun to follow your blog this year,

  11. Thanks for a beautiful year in art! Your teaching is priceless, esp for a newbie like me! God bless you!

    1. Your work does not look like a newbies art at all. You do strong, wonderful work. Your design/color sense is fabulous.
      Thanks so much Donna. Blessing to you too.

  12. Happy Creative New Year Julie.
    I did finish my first painting this year 10 minutes into 2013, that is how boring I am.
    Thanks for your 2012 review, it is fun to see your journey, and I like where you are going. I love that lemon painting.
    I am glad you push your limits. Realistic work may attract more people, but I prefer artists with personality and flair. And you got plenty of that.

    Keep up the good work.


    1. Seeing I am a a huge fan of your work, Roger, this was a lovely comment to read. Thanks for taking the time.
      Your berries have been a delight for my eyes. Looking forward to following your work again this year,

  13. I really appreciated your blog today with the overview of various paintings. Happy New Year!

  14. I really enjoyed your post today with the overview of your paintings. Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks Roseanne. I enjoyed reading about the book your wrote about - Unlocking the heart of the Artist. I am going to order it.

  15. Replies
    1. Same back at you, Lavon...with an extra "happy" thrown in

  16. Love this year in review! Happy New Year!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for letting me know.
      Your paintings are wonderful and the way you painted the!

  17. Last but not least, Happy New Year Julie. What a way to start the year, your video completed? Yessss! This is as good as waiting for Downton Abbey to return, smiles. Continued success my friend, you are an inspiration and now, I have a blog to get in order and maintain for 2013.

    1. Hi Blanche - you always have such a positive attitude and humor. Hope you continue to do great paintings on your blog in 2013

  18. I am very happy to have met you, thanks to your blog. This enthusiasm that you show is a real breath of fresh air. I wish you a very good creative year and thank you for sharing your artistic adventure.

  19. Fantastic but humble review of your year in art;you have truly found your artistic voice.You have a big heart and it really shows through your blog!

  20. As it is pleasant to find the interview I did not know and follow the evolution of your art work. All work that you shown, have their own beauty.
    I really love the work unsold, has a movement and an extraordinary color, reminds me of some watercolors by Shirley Trevena, who breaks shapes freely geometric and creates with flowing colors and lines in watercolor. The roses you painted for the wishes of the New Year, are magnificent:I hope for you a great the 2013.

  21. Hello Julie:) Happy New Year!! I am a great lover of your art. Hope to see a lot more of you!

  22. I'm really looking forward to your video. I wonder what the tool is that you devised? I want to know! Beautiful paintings...all of them!


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