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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tea Pot, Pine Cones and Workshop Images

Tea Pot and Pine Cones

6x8in oil on linen $125. SOLD

I love this tea pot!

Artist Note.

I only teach small classes of 6 because I find I can
be of more help to the individual artist and
still keep my energy up.
The six in this group were all talented artists with
open minds. A wonderful group energy existed
almost from the very start.

Here are some of the paintings they finished
during the workshop. All went home exhausted
because they had finished several paintings in three
days, and the first day was all exercises...getting
used to the handy tool, brush and knife work!
None of them painted like this before the workshop,
but I have a feeling that some of the things they
learned will pop up in future paintings.
At least I hope so.

They all loved the handy tool I make...once they
got the hang of it. I admit to quite a few groans at first
but the enthusiasm grew quite loud as the days went on.

I did not get to photograph them all, but here are
a few of the pieces. Only the exercises were
the same for everyone. Afterwards, they were
encouraged to choose subject matter which
held an attraction.

 The next workshop starts on Wednesday.
Now I know how to teach it, I am excited.
It was a real high seeing the enthusiasm in
the group and hope the next one goes as well..

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  1. Your teapot is absolutely fabulous, Julie!!! Outstanding colors on the entire piece..Congratulations!!! And your students work is so have to be so proud of their're a good teacher.!

    1. HI Hilda - thanks for the great comment on the work the artists produced. I cannot call anyone a student because I think ALL artists are students all of their lives, me included. I
      For me it is the joyful part of art to know it is continual learning.
      I leave it to the professors and professional teachers to use the term student and I will stick to using artists.
      Does that make sense?

  2. You should love the tea pot. It is absolutely great! That color of red is it all the art work from your students! How much fun for them and for you!

    1. Thanks Helen. Loved your blog today. Not one , but three great paintings!

  3. Your red teapot is the symbol of the warmth of the house,
      of the friendly hospitality! Magnificent!
    What a great group of painters in your workshop,dear Julie!
    And how lucky they are to have you as a teacher!

  4. Wow!! Some of your students picked up your patented technique so beautifully!! I love their artwork as much as I love your artwork! I like your teapots too and this one is especially appealing paired with the Christmas greenery and pine cones!

  5. What a beatiful painting Julie. I love the red teapot and the pinecones are great...what the heck...the whole thing is wonderful:) Enjoyed your students work too...esp Frankenstein!

  6. I'm gonna take your advice and paint one of my tea pots red and give it a whirl since I love yours so much! The workshop photos are fantastic, your facturing tool really gives them all such an interesting surface texture.

  7. Wow, that teapot just pops off the screen! I do not know how you get such vibrant color!

    Your students works are wonderful. I found a few that I would love to own. I have envy for those lucky artists that we able to learn your technique from you!

  8. Love that teapot too!

    Glad that the class went well. Whoever did that first shot of the apple form-I just love that one!

  9. What a great selection of paintings! And I just LOVE your tea-pot too :0)

  10. omgomg...loving it!!! want to learn it in the worst way!!!

  11. Wow, wow, wow! I wish I lived closer so I could take a workshop with you Julie. The quality of the student work is a testament to your teaching ability.

  12. I envy you that teapot... and I don't even do that many still lifes!

  13. Dear Julie - your art is beautiful - I can see you are a great teacher as well by the art your students turned out. Wish I lived closer so I could take a workshop. I think I would really enjoy oils if I had some lessons. I love the fracturing technique because it does look so painterly. The house from your previous post is lovely. Thanks for sharing my friend and have a wonderful week-end.

  14. You have got some very talented artists ...or maybe it's the teacher , or...Either way , there is an unmistakeable 'Julie Oliver ' style in the awesome paintings they produced ! They are so lucky!!! Your tea pot is outstanding, beautiful composition and technic used . xx

  15. This is such a perfect Holiday piece and is still unique... Love your reds always! You are obviously a grand teacher- these pieces all turned out really well.

  16. Your red tea pot is a delight! I also now know that you are a great teacher, the works show your touch and style, but stiull unique in their own way, love them all!

  17. Julie, It was great to see the Teapot on your blog and then be able to see it in person at the Gallery tonight! My wife Carol really likes this painting as well.

  18. Awesome Julie...your students obviously have a wonderful teacher!

  19. Oh that tea pot...I love it too...and in this Christmas perfect it looks!

    Your students did some amazing pieces. I was drawn right into the blue face of course. I am a sucker for a good face. Now I want to take your class and do faces with your technique!

  20. Terrific looking paintings. Sounds like a great class, wish I could have joined in too.

  21. well, clearly youo are a great teacher! GREAT paintings...all of them!

  22. Your red teapot IS magnificent, Julie!
    I like how the pine cones leap off the canvas with their great texture.
    Your class's crop of paintings is wonderful!
    ps...sorry to hear of your computer problems. Maybe it's not just your computer....a lot of other bloggers are having comment posting gremlins.

  23. The red teapot is a knockout, Julie! Wow - and the classwork is really intersting. Love the frankenstein - lol! You must be a fabulous teacher - lucky, lucky students!


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