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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Trials and Tribulations AGAIN!

Winter by the Stream.

6x6in oil on canvas  $100.

This is from a photo taken near Ruidoso, NM.

Artist Note.

It was great having so many other bloggers share that they, too,
sometimes kept working on a painting. I felt quite relieved..
but then...
 Another doozy!

If you follow my blog you will have seen the previous post on the
drawn out process I went through painting a simple tangerine.
I thought I would be smart and paint a landscape to avoid
the same situation  - WRONG!
Come with me on this now familiar trip.

This was the first attempt.
I didn't think it captured
what I felt
when I took the photo.
Values off maybe?
I should have left it alone!
Putting more color in to see if
I could come up with
something I liked.
I moved the middle ground
tree closer as well as making
the reeds brighter. I added
some green  to see how I
felt about that.
Lost the winter feel.

Played around with values
and intensity of the colors
Hated this one

So I scraped it all off
and went to bed!
I liked this one the
best so far.
At least it said

This morning I came back into the studio and saw
everything with fresh vision. I should have left the first
one alone and painted a fresh one correcting what I thought
I wanted to change.
I do like the top one the best.
I moved the middle ground tree back and made it a
mauvy color. Liked that! Then I made the
front trees thinner by cutting one out.
 Went back to the light ochre color
of the dried grass in the fields and the rust of the reeds.
Some green by the front trees brought some life into that
area and I made the stream wider.
 I feel it is a more solid little painting.
I have decided that I am in one of those
frustrating stages when I am being pulled in too many
directions and my regular routine has gone to pot.
My computer issues are still not fixed.
Lots of time on that. I  have a great expert helping me and
it seems my XP system was to blame for the problems,
so new computers have been bought (2) and  in the process
of getting stuff transferred.
I had made the mistake( see... it is not just in painting)
of getting a second hand one from the computer store.
Big Mistake!
Will not go into the details but enough to say I could
have cried. Feeling better now and cannot wait to get back
having a good flow in my work.
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  1. That was interesting, and I like the final piece best. Sometime I get in love with the process or some detail/structure and need some space before I realize that the painting at whole isn't good enough. I think your first attempt was good, but after getting some distance you knew what to do. Nicely done.

    1. Thanks, Roger. I appreciate that. With doing a daily painting I am used to not having time to take another day to think. The computer issues have turned my schedule upside down giving me the opportunity. I find I am best with a regular schedule though.
      Love your apple and tea towel.

  2. I really appreciate your honesty with the whole process. Some paintings need alot of work; or is it the artist that needs work?! I always look forward to seeing your art and reading about how it evolves.

    1. Excellent question, Anne. I think it is the artist that needs work. I have to learn to stop and start on a fresh piece instead of trying to save an "almost: painting. Some days I am better than others. It has been good for me to find our that a lot of other artists have the same frustration. So pleased you commented. Thanks.

  3. The flow over the holiday season has not been easy. Add to that computer problems......yikes. My computer man said to me only use Firefox with Windows XP and so far so good. Fingers always crossed. Just think, in two more days we welcome a new year, new energy in which to paint. I say Yes!

    1. You are very understanding, Helen. Thanks for the support. Interesting about only using Firefox. I was using Google Chrome and a couple of weeks ago Chrome had a major problem and lots of computer were effected - mine apparently because of its age was hit hard.
      Anyway the new year looks promising so I send you warm wishes for a fabulous 2013.

    2. Forgot to say........more than once I have liked my scraped or wiped piece better than the "effort" one.

    3. Hi Helen,Glad to hear that. Thanks.
      Part of my painting method has always been put on and scrape off - they taught us that at art school - but the fracturing has changed that somewhat.

  4. Me too, Roger. Someone who likes abstracts would love that one. Just varnish it up and it's ready to go. :)

  5. Oh my Julie ! I wish I could paint like you even with all that bad flow !! I think number 1,2 and 4 are great , all with different moods, but so beautiful ! ...Wonder what you will come up with when you get out of bed again :-)) Wish you a Happy New Year ! xx

    1. I have a big grin on my face. Thanks Jane.
      Love your white vases very much.

  6. Well, Julie my dear, I personally just like every single incarnation of this latest piece. From first effort to scraped off result.

    I'm with you on the computer issues. I have a new computer on the way as well.

    1. Loved your oil painting - especially the colors. Glad you are joining me in the new computer world.

  7. I get that is 'frustrating' (not the word I use at the time though)! Actually I like all your versions, even the scrapped off one. I did that once, got so fed up with a painting, and in a,shall I say, 'temper'!! scrapped it off and left it - when I went back a day later it didn't look half bad. (bear in mind it was mainly I added an abstract boat and some white for the lights across the water and yay! I had a painting - laughably it even Sold! just never know do you, sometimes it is worth cracking on with a piece. Happy New Year to you...your blogging friend ann.

    1. Hi Ann, Loved your comments. You have great humor and energy.
      Loved your joyful doggy paintings

  8. Julie, when I get in this situation, I just stay out of the studio for a day or two, try to take a mini vacation from painting, try not to think about it. I think this is what Carol Marine means when she says "I forgot how to paint". Then she comes back, twice as strong!

    Keep that stiff upper will be painting and blogging (on your own computer) again soon.

    1. I think the being out of the studio working on the darn computer problem is what has given me the problems.
      Carol Marine is amazing and in a world apart from me. I am lucky if I can keep up the level of what I already do. Age could be it - she is young and I am one of her kids!

  9. Julie, you are such a good painter that even your changes and your scrape-offs make a great painting. To me, all three changes made a great painting. Thank you so much for taking to time to help us who are coming along in our painting journey and for me--not quite knowing sometimes if I am heading in the right direction or not! I wish you had a DVD. I would love to see you paint!
    Happy New Year!

    1. What a lovely painting you have on your blog. You are doing just fine but if you want to learn my technique I do have a DVD coming out soon.
      Happy new year to you too.

    2. put me down for that DVD, please!!!

  10. this is beautiful, as always Julie! I love to see the process and hope you will continue to do this in the new year.

    1. Thank you so much, Hilda. Hope you and the other Sandy Survivors around you manage to enjoy a good New Years Eve and I send warm wishes for a much better 2013

  11. Julie - I am nowhere near the artist that you are, so I won't even try to give you words of wisdom. But I DO want to say how much I appreciate your transparency and honesty! I am still learning from you - maybe even bigger lessons than technique :) You are providing a ring side seat for overcoming obstacles/resistance that we all go through - your frustration, your persistence, your optimism - well, we can all identify! Hoping you are able to re-establish routine soon - hang in there!! Blessings :)

    1. You have a generous spirit, Debi. You make me feel good and I appreciate it.
      Today was better!
      Your Christmas door is a really lovely painting.

  12. Good Morning, Julie...well, your "ordeals" are quite lovely through-out...glad you photographed each incarnation. I know that once you have your computer up and running you'll no longer be out-of-sorts (computing is a huge issue!! I kind of envy the artists of yesteryear...though I know computers have made everything's a double edged sword). I'm tuned in to see your next project.

    1. Thanks Celeste, hope you are right. I know what you mean about the time computers steal from our art but the rewards are great - look how I know you and your wonderful paintings.
      Your latest landscape knocked my socks off!

  13. Julie, ALL the paintings are lovely. Your honesty always makes me smile!

    1. Thank you Sharon, that is nice to know..
      Love the way your cropped your painting with the cat for your new profile image.

  14. Sorry to hear of all your trials... Though I love them all! The first image I like especially for all the textural marks...

    Good luck with your computer issues, it is tough when they just will not behave.

    Happy New Year's Eve!


    1. Hi Liz - I should have done what you did and take a two week break. Smart lady!

  15. Dear Julie I hope your computer problems are solved soon!
    You can suffer a lot for this and I tried it! Whenever the creative flow is broken by too many events, it is difficult to reassemble.
    Maybe there are going new elements and eventually you may think in the future that these moments of "disorder" have been helpful!
    My best wishes that everything can be happy for you and your loved ones in 2013!
    (P.S.Anyway every landscape has your own beautiful quality to me!)Rita.

    1. Thank you. They soon will be solved and life will get back into a good routine I do not think it has been one of those awkward time before a breakthrough, more like too many things going on pulling me in different directions when all I want to do is paint. I know you can relate to that.
      Thanks for liking the painting. Your new pieces are fabulous.

  16. Julia, I am so blocked right now. I had a 4 day weekend and just couldn't paint! I dithered on mixed media stuff instead which was ok. I totally understand your frustration with your results...tho I have to say I think all of the incarnations are gorgeous..LOL!!! I have been playing with some of your 'lessons" you have in your blog. such fun. very relaxing. I was doing the apples thing with pastels instead of paint. Read where you will have a DVD! Wanting it, dear lady! put me down for it, please!

  17. I loved seeing this painting change and evolve. Favorites...the final result and the scraped off one. Such gorgeous color in the final. The thumbnail of this one on your blog drew me in right away. Beautiful!


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