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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Candy Mints

Candy Mints

8x6in oil on canvas board  $125. SOLD

Day 18 in the 30 in 30 Days Challenge
My personal goal  for this challenge - to paint only
what I have never painted or thought of painting before.

The gallery adjoining mine always keeps a bowl of
striped mint candies for their customers.
I went trolling for something to paint after class ended

and they caught my eye.

Artist Note.

These candies have a cellophane wrapping and it was
interesting trying to capture the transparency with all
the shiny highlights.
On my first attempt I painted what I saw and
it turned into a real mess...shiny wrapping, white candy, red stripes
and highlights. Way too much all together.
I scraped everything off, and this time I painted the candy
without the wrapping and then I came back in with suggesting
the shape of the wrapping in the similar manner to when
I paint a wineglass or a glass vase. Just the parts that gleam.
 Much better!

 I think they make a very interesting abstract.
In fact my hubby had no idea what this painting was about...
and he enjoys one of these mints every time he visits the gallery,

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  1. This challenge is really making you stretch! This is the best one to date. Unique subject, abstract to just the right degree. Cool, contemporary feeling, fresh as a mint.

  2. Painting candy wrappers would be a real's awesome how resolved it. Tell your husband to be careful...those pretty little candies cause "sugar bugs" as my four year old grandson says. :)

  3. Oh I do like these airy mints and the painting is wonderful too!

  4. Not only are the wrappers wonderful, are those tricky reflections! Superb!

  5. This one is brilliant, you don't really need to sell it, just send it to me. I recognized the subject at once and the colors sing, well there is nothing I don't like about it.

  6. Feel like stretching my hands in to the painting and grabbing them, awesome!

  7. beautiful and minty fresh! Very skillfully done.

  8. This one is just mouthwatering Julie!

  9. I love this Julie, it is very exciting! It has everything a truly good painting requires! Well done! You never seem to have DUD days like me! All your paintings are good!

  10. Really nice! I love the abstract quality of it. Love all the challenge paintings.

  11. Wow! This is a great one! Love the abstract vs realism.

  12. Wow! you're doing such an amazing job with this challenge, Julie.
    These candy mints, not only look yummy, but its beautifully painted!!

  13. Fabulous, Julie - you have exposed the inner soul of these candies!

  14. I see those little candies just dancing through the painting. So nice, so much fun.

  15. Your style is simply amazing, Julie. This is great.

  16. This would not have been easy! It's fabulous....I love all your work Julie!!

  17. I love how you resolved the problem. excellent thinking!

  18. This painting is amazing! I was relieved to read your first attempt was a mess. :-) It looks as though it would be so hard to capture but you did it masterfully. Blowing it up was a revelation of marks and splotches and they hold together so perfectly. I really admire your willingness to keep pushing.

  19. So that's how its done! Your mints look great. As you know, I know its a challenge to paint that cellophane!

    My sister commented about me asking for help on my blog with the peppermint candy... She said "wouldn't it be much easier if you took it out of the plastic wrapper?" :)


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