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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Turnips Anyone?

Turnips anyone?

8x6in oil on canvas panel. $125.

Day 8 in the 30 in 30 Days Challenge
My personal goal  for this challenge - to paint only what I have
never painted or thought of painting before.

I do not know why I have never painted Turnips. I have never cooked
them, never shopped for them so maybe that is why I have never really
looked at them. They are great.
Love the purple and cream colors along with their long arty tails.

Artist Note.

I painted these after a full day at the workshop. It took a couple of
hours and now I am bushed and going to bed. I do not have my
equipment with me to take really good photos so hope this one will do.

I do want to say that I loved reading all the comments about the red robe
and the "large versus small" answers to my questions.
Thanks so much for taking the time. It means such a lot to me.

I hate to brag, but a very nice event took place today.
I was featured on The Art Room.  If you have never visited this blog
I hope you click on and read the piece. I have been a follower since artist
Taryn Day started it. She usually has very interesting interviews or articles
about famous artists, dead or alive, but this month she is featuring bloggers.
What she wrote about my work I will treasure.

Workshop went better today.

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  1. Turnips were a mystery to me for the longest time, till something moved me to buy one and cook it up with other root vegetables. They are delicious with carrots and beets--as well as gorgeous to paint. Great choice. Great paintings. I think You're putting this exercise to good use.

  2. This is so autumn for me, the colors are so vivid and warm. I am still in the autumn myself. Another great still life.

  3. You did a great job with the turnips! I love the colors.

    Congratulations on your interview with Taryn Day. The Art Room is one of my favorite blogs.

  4. You found the beauty in turnips, Julie! And congratulations on your interview! How nice!

  5. Your painting stood out amongst the many in the 30 day challenge. The colors and softness are wonderful! I will begin following the Art Room - neat blog. Thanks.

  6. The painting looks awesome. You have such a way with colour schemes. I will surely read the interview. I am sure it will be very helpful in my own development. :)

  7. I love the texture that you paint. This is a delightful painting!

  8. I don't like veg but I could eat those turnips! Facebook doing ok now happy with it as it is, so far! Thanks for asking

  9. How lovely for you! Well done! I do love the turnips too, you are a great painter and I would never have saw your work if it hadn't have been for the 30/30 challenge! I live across the pond in Scotland!

  10. OK Turnips get a turn :0))Lovely painting - high score for paintint the unlikely so beautifully. Do you have Curly-Kale in the US? That would be a challenge for you.

    We tend to call the 'reddish' turnips, 'swedes'

    It's a fact that in the Garden of Eden, Eve said that she found Adam to be a bit of vegetable and she would have preferred a Swede!

  11. These turnips are so nice that it seems like you have been painting them forever.

  12. The turnips are great and so is the interview for the Art Room. Kudos... well deserved!

  13. Hooray! Congratulations Julie you deserve the recognition for your beautiful work. You are a generous teacher and friend. By the way I love Turnips. GREAT composition and yummy colors.

  14. Such a homey rustic beauty in this one! I wonder what these taste like...?

  15. That was a great piece on you from the Art Room! Congratulations, Julie!
    I like the close color, limited palette, look to the turnips...a bit different for you.

  16. Amazing job on these turnips, Julie!!!

  17. aren't turnips fun! love what you did with their colors! great job! Glad things are looking better in workshop. of course had it all been easy, then perhaps it would have been a waste of money because you would have not been learning a new thing. I love to eat turnips raw better than cooked. Peel their outer tuff skin and eat like an apple; just isn't overly sweet. tart! I grew up eating them for snacks.

  18. Try some hot sauce on those turnips..delish.


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