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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce

7x5in oil on canvas  $100. SOLD

Day 9 in the 30 in 30 Days Challenge
My personal goal  for this challenge - to paint only what I have
never painted or thought of painting before.

Artist Note.

I am staying with a friend in Albuquerque and she has this
great bottle of hot sauce. I mean the bottle is great - I have not
tasted the sauce. She recommended I try painting it.

Workshop was intense and fun today. Cold wax was used as
the medium and I am looking forward to seeing how it dries.
I like the surface quality very much.

I enjoyed reading the comments and I thank everyone.
It is also fun hearing from new people in The 30 in 30 Challenge.
I will be visiting blogs when I return home.
And to the all those "blogger challenged" who sent me so many personal
emails congratulating me on being The Art Room blogger of the day,
I thank you, too.

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  1. It might have been a good idea to paint that bottle rather than taste its contents. Looks hot to me. You definitely captured its essence.

  2. This bottle of hot sauce is painted beautifully, Julie!!! and I loved your turnips!! You're doing an amazing job with this challenge!

  3. A great hot sauce painting, Julie! Is this on SENSO primed linen?
    It looks wonderful.

  4. Well, I am playing things more safe than you, but secretly I wish I was able to just pick a subject and nail it like you can. I assume that the sauce is hot, since the painting looks hot and spicy with it's warm colors. Well done.

  5. Julie, Love the hot sauce and all the warm colors in there! Another masterpiece! Hope you are having a wonderful time at your workshop. Congrats on the Art Room deserve this and more.

  6. The colors that you used make the sauce so appetizing!
    Everything that you paint acquires a wonderful visual appeal.
    I am happy that the workshop is for you a beautiful moment of life and art.

  7. I have seen bottles like these before - they are awesome, but not as awesome as you have painted it!

  8. i love vegetables AND hotsauce - your paintings made me hungry for more!!!

  9. This 30 day challenge is something! I haven't even checked out The Art Room yet. Love hot sauce, love your painting. And oh,the it.

  10. Hi Julie, the Art Room was wonderful congratulations. Love the Hot Sauce, I can almost taste it.

  11. Oh have made this bottle of sauce look so good! Beautiful colors!! It is so satisfying to take something ordinary and capture the essence of it!! I like your goal...mine is to paint life around me!! Enjoy your workshop:))

  12. Your painting are wonderful Julie!

  13. It looks really really hot, I mean the painting :-) beautiful!

  14. Love this bottle and how you captured it..try it makes most things a little bit better..from eggs on up.


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