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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Apple Blossom Study

Apple Blossom Study

6x6 watercolor on aquaboard  $100. SOLD
 Click HERE to purchase

Painted with watercolor exploring the shapes of flowers and leaves.
Did not using my fracturing technique
though I found myself  trying  to get a similar feel.

The blossoms are from a friend and fellow Artists Guild member
 who, with her husband,  Bob, owns the century old
Nichols Cherry and Apple Orchards
 up high in La Luz, New Mexico. 
Here is Sue arriving with some blossoms for me to paint.
She travels 140 miles round trip to come to the Guild.

Do You think she brought enough? Howzat for friendship!
She knows I have a couple of  larger unfinished paintings from last year.
Thank YOU dear Sue.

Artist Note.
Sue Nichols is a dedicated artist with a fine arts degree, but
like most of us... just keeps wanting to learn all she can
so she is a regular here at the Guild.
. She enjoys painting plein air on and around her ranch.
The one below was just accepted into a
 prestigious New Mexico show.

This is a pond on the ranch and the koi fish cluster under the
simple pier for shade.
Such a gorgeous orange color next to the blue sky reflection.
 Below is a Quince tree on the ranch, heavy with fruit. It is large 36"x18"

Sue is also an accomplished stained glass artist
Her work can be found at


  1. Thank you Julie! I am great admirer of you and your work. The apple blossom study is wonderful with colors clear and bright, just like a spring day.

  2. Oh I envy you those branches, we are still weeks away from seeing them. I love the forms in your painting, so delicate and transparent in look and feel. so pretty!

  3. Very beautiful art work and very amazing flower painting !!!
    Have a nice and creative week !!!

  4. Dear Julie - these are simply breathtaking...oh to paint apple blossoms like you my friend. Love the background too. Your friend's work is beautiful as well. I really don't think as artists we ever quit learning and it is wonderful to gather with those who love to paint. I know I always enjoy the fellowship and the sharing experience with fellow artists. Hope you had a lovely Palm Sunday and your Easter is blessed with all the good things of the season such as hope, renewal and love.

  5. How beautiful, Julie!! Even without fracturing, I love your work (which I've seen other pieces that didn't have the fracturing technique) and this just has such a fresh and spring-y feel! Love your friend's work too and how wonderful to have an orchard!!

  6. Love the soft pink you've achieved in this. What a pretty delicate painting. Your friend is super sweet and a great artist too.

  7. Beautiful work, Julie!! The blue background makes the blossoms stand out so nicely... I went on Sue's site and she does beautiful work..thank you for sharing!

  8. Apple blossoms certainly herald Spring for me, and your painting is so fresh and vibrant! How generous of your friend Sue to share these beautiful blossoms with fellow painters! The fellowship of painter-friends is a priceless blessing for every artist, particularly those of us in rural settings. Sounds like you have some wonderful people in your group!

  9. It 's so beautiful the branch of the apple blossoms , and vibrant against the blue sky ... a beautiful work and full of joy.
    Your friend is a fine artist who works beautifully!
    I think it is a great pleasure for her and many other stay in touch with you and the Guild where you teach!

  10. Lovely! You did achieve a fractured look in this painting...I wish I could have watched you paint this one!

  11. Julie, so well composed. Great cropping and it sings of spring. Beautiful.

  12. I love the apple blossom painting...(and I've been studying cherry blossoms--the whole blossom business seems like a really big challenge) sure rose to the occasion!

  13. Wow! Sue's stained glass work is beautiful!

    These apple blossoms that you painted are lovely-and seems like this is a slightly different coloration for you too.


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