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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Left the Nest

Left the Nest

6x8in oil on canvas panel

It is that time of year again when the bird nests are thriving.
I paint the nests for pure pleasure and hate to sell them.
I am going to live with this one for a while because I am not
capturing what I feel about it.

Artist Note.

Regarding the previous post of painting in the car. I call it a car
but I have an old Sienna van.
The secret to keeping everything on your lap if you hit
 the bumps - is this magic tray.

It has the cushion attached underneath which rests securely on
the lap. The raised edge on the top stops anything slipping off
in case of sudden stops.


  1. Sorry I completely missed your last posting. Painting in the car. Wow. I make a king sized mess standing in my studio!
    The yellow gold just makes this painting sing. I love how that color plays with the others. I will be interested to see what else you wanted to capture. It sure looks good to me!

  2. These nestas are always so beautiful and intricate. Nice job as always on such a hard subject!

    I sketch in the car but Rich would NOT ALLOW painting!:)

  3. Another wonderful work...
    I'll repeat myself many times, undoubtedly, when I shall come here, more often, to comment yours works.
    Have a nice weekend

  4. I truly love your nest paintings. In this one my eyes are drawn to the feather draping over the side on the left and the dot of blue to the lower right. Gorgeous.

    About all I can do in the car is sketch with a pencil. You amaze me with your painting in the car thing.

  5. Julie, Your nest is wonderful as is. I can see perhaps where, knowing your thinking process, you may want to play with it some more. I can hardly wait to see what you decide. Please share what you do with it.

  6. BEAUTIFULLY painted, Julie!! I always enjoy seeing your nest paintings...!!!

  7. Julie, I so hope some of the stresses are easing for you. I do worry so much.

    I love the nest painting, but then I always love nature paintings of any type. Just a visual proof of God for me. Aren't lap desks wonderful? I have a couple of them and I've brought them along in the car for working on an art piece while driving too. Mine do not have a lip on them, which is a great idea!

  8. A very good trick for the car, I actually have a cushion like this but never thought of using it in the car :-) Your nest is a dream for any little bird family, such lovely colors and enlacement , not sure it's the right word , hope you know what I mean.

  9. You captured the bird's nest for me. It's a beautiful painting, well drawn. I can feel the rough texture of the interwoven twigs. This painting seems more realistic than some of your others.

  10. Julie - I think this is so beautiful. To my eye it looks perfect but you know what you want to say and say it you will when it comes to you. The broken shells tell a story. I am glad they are it a sense of something was here and now it is not.

    Love your tray with the cushion underneath...what a great way to travel. Hope your dental work turned out well.

  11. A beautiful rendition of a very complex subject! I am still speechless over the car painting - what an incredible accomplishment!

  12. Yep, they sure have flown the nest!
    What I especially like is where the right side turns into the dark shadow. The stems, twigs, colors there are standouts....excellent, Julie!!

  13. Hi Julie, I love your nest paintings so much! They are so full of and say so much of life... Have fun on your travels!


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