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Monday, April 21, 2014

Apple Tree Blossoms and W/S info

Apple Tree Blossoms
8x6 oil on canvas panel $125.
click HERE to purchase SOLD

A favorite place in Santa Fe, NM.

Artist Note.
I have two 3-day workshops on how to use the 
Fracturing Technique with your own personal vision.
 June 3-5th
June 11 -13th
Both here in Las Cruces, NM
Please email me if you are interested.


  1. Julie - your colors in this painting are gorgeous...that mail box of aqua really catches my eye. Leads you right up to the red flag and the apple tree blossoms and brings you full circle. So beautiful. Hope you had a wonderful Easter filled with His great love. Such a blessed time of the year full of hope.

  2. The blossoms are beautiful but what stands out for me.........that blue mailbox. It rocks. Good luck with your workshops. I'll bed they fill up fast!

  3. So lovely. Years ago I remember a series of mailboxes very near Canyon Road. This reminds me of that. Like!

  4. This panting just makes me happy - its so serene and quiet! I envy your students, Julie and wish I was close enough to attend.

  5. Love the painting, you can almost smell the flowers. A workshop? Oh how I wish!

  6. This is really beautiful, love it.

  7. There is that turquoise color that I love so much!

    Wish I was just a tic bit closer to take your workshop:)

  8. A gorgeous painting, Julie, and sold already? Amazing! Love the colors and fine details too. You got me thinking about these types of fences...not something I see here too often and yet, wouldn't it be wonderful?

  9. Julie thanks so much for posting this-It's the perfect colorful "sneak peak" of my upcoming birthday trip to Santa Fe! Cheers and happy spring painting! Aimee

  10. Gorgeous for sure! You say so much in a small space..... beautifully painted.

  11. Absolutely gorgeous!! I'm amazed how you transform a quite humble subject into something inspirational! The lillies in your previous post were stunning too, (I couldn't get Blogger to work at the time), no wonder your work sells so well!!

  12. Love the colors in this painting, so inviting.


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