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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Freesia, Pear and Grapes

Freesia, Pear and Grapes
6x6in Watercolor on Aquabord $100.
Click HERE to purchase

Another "dentist trip" painting!
This one was mostly done on the two hour trip back from the
dentist.( I hour waiting to get back across into the US)
and I finished the highlights at home. Drawn first in purple
watercolor pencil, it is totally from the imagination
 of items I have painted before.

Artist Note.
I am still experimenting with the different surfaces for my watercolors.
This is on the aquabord by Ampersand. I used some Chinese white
on the light area of the vase and a couple of areas where I screwed up!

I have been asked to show my set-up for painting while
traveling. I did place it on a previous post but here it is again.
I use the Judson's Thumb Box

It is small, but perfect for travel as I keep everything I need inside it.
I carry a tray with a cushion attached underneath which  keeps it 
stable on my lap. The lip on the tray prevents anything sliding off.

This little set up works for my oils as well as watercolors.


  1. Goes to show where there's a will, there's a way. You are far more creative coming from the dentist dear Julie than I would ever be. As usual, love this little painting.

  2. Your imagination rocks. Love the textures you created along with lively color. So nice.
    Looks like you had fun.......

  3. Gorgeous painting, Julie! The purple vase is so beautiful with perfect reflections!!!! Love this piece..!

  4. You create wonderful watercolours! I love the surfaces which shimmer and your use of colour, so clean, like jewels or stained glass. This and the previous "Olive Oil" are an absolute delight.

  5. Very beautiful watercolour painting !!!

  6. That is really a lovely piece. The colors are outstanding.

    I have thought about that thum Box often. It would be perfect for what I like to do:)

  7. You have such beautiful colours and shadows in this painting Julie! I've just enjoyed catching up on your very informative and interesting blog. Love the bright colours of the tables and chairs a few posts back and also your previous painting.
    I hope you have recovered from your dental work!

  8. I could sure use your imagination, Julie! I never can think of much to draw or paint. This is gorgeous!

  9. Julie - that purple vase is really makes this piece sing for me. Your imagination serves you well my dear friend. Hope you are not in pain from the dental work. Take care and have a lovely week-end.

  10. Thank you once again, Julie, for sharing your innovative ideas. Seeing them "in action" and viewing the results of your efforts is very valuable. I love both of your paintings in the post. I still marvel at the wonderful, creative effects created in watercolor using fracturing.

  11. A talent in itself to be able to draw from one's imagination, Julie! Whenever I try to do that, everything comes out looking very generic. Lol!
    This is a wonderful painting!

  12. Clean and graphic, but still with a lot of life with the fracturing technique, lovely.

  13. these paintings are so beautiful! also I would love a kitchen tile with your artwork on it!

  14. As always a beautiful set up, and done from memory is incredible. Love the vibrant colors too !

  15. wonderful painting from your! It is fun to see your painting set up too. Did you paint this in the back seat? :)

  16. This is so pretty and extra special since it came from your imagination AND from your car. Love your fracturing in this one.


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