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Monday, November 10, 2014

Grateful Thanks

Veteran's Day/Remembrance Day

 6x8" watercolor on paper. NFS

This is truly the National Holiday
which effects us all. 
I am grateful for the freedom we enjoy,
but brought at such a cost. 
With great respect
I honor and thank the living military and 
 and give thanks to all those families 
who make the sacrifice and especially
those who have lost their loved ones.

Proudly a US citizen,
originally from England (a long time ago)
and have watched the 
ceremonies from London...a day ahead because 
of the time difference. It is called
Remembrance Day there and everyone 
wears a poppy. 
For Great Britain, it is 100 years ago
that World War 1 started.
A small but valiant island.
Helped to survive by a strong and 
loyal ally - the USA.


  1. Lovely tribute. There's a field of ceramic poppies commemorating the dead from WWI around the Tower of London. It can be seen from space. Impressive memorial for valiant men and women.

    1. Thanks Linda and thank you for the link. I hope everyone who has not seen the field of red ceramic poppies, clicks on it.

  2. Bonjour chère amie,

    Quel bel hommage !... Ces coquelicots sont magnifiques et sont une merveilleuse commémoration.
    M E R C I...

    Je vous fais de gros bisous ☁︎

  3. A very touching post and painting Julie. I was able to see the ceramic poppies in person recently and felt very moved. Your post today reminded me of that feeling. Thank you. xx

  4. Very beautiful painting and very nice tribute for Remembrance Day !!!
    All we have to remember the Veterans. Their courage, service and sacrifices have kept us strong, proud and free. It is our duty to pass on our gratitude and keep their legacy and memories alive !!!

  5. Such a touching tribute and beautiful painting, Julie! Great Britain may be small but it has always been mighty! I am proud to claim my British heritage myself!

  6. Indeed, Julie, a special day! Beautiful words, beautiful painting.

  7. Beautiful painting and beautiful posting. It is a day to take time to thank a veteran. I am sure we all know one!

  8. A beautiful painting, Julie! and such a beautiful tribute to our Veterans!!!


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