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Monday, November 3, 2014

Late Summer in Santa Fe

Late Summer in Santa Fe, NM.

6x6in oil on canvas panel  SOLD

Late summer walks along on Canyon Road
cannot be beat. This was on a side street and
the light fixture caught my eye.

Artist Note

A neat couple saw this painting and liked it.
 We started to chat and I enjoyed some interesting
conversation before they returned another time
to buy it.
I really appreciate getting to 
know people through my paintings.
For a start, it has occurred  to me that we must 
share a liking for similar places
and types of beauty.

Computer fixed. What a pain when
they misbehave.


  1. Very beautiful summer window with so wonderful colours and light !!!

  2. Just love those turquoise doors and windows and fences and whatever else happens to be that color!

    I hadn't thought of it either but the artist and buyer must have a few things in common:)

  3. Not sure if my comment went through, but wanted to say that this is just beautiful, Julie. Love that turquoise running through our American Southwest.

  4. This is what I remember while driving through New Mexico....All these gorgeous colors that you captured in this painting... Love that window,.and the flowers are amazing, Julie!!!

  5. It's beautiful, Julie. The turquoise window against the stucco is a sure winner.

  6. Dear Julie - Hooray about your computer (they can be so frustrating when they are bad!). The window caught my eye in this painting - I always love the colors you use. Turquoise and that lovely peachy color make me thing South West...always a favorite combination of mine. Hope you are having a great day. Hugs.

  7. Oh so lovely...these colors get me every time! Count me in as one of those folks drawn to the gorgeous architecture, color, & spirit of the American Southwest! I can see why this couple would be thrilled to make this their own!

  8. HOW sweet is this!
    'Congrats on the sale, too!

  9. Love how the light travels through the painting. I can certainly see why that couple liked the painting. New York City last week for me and three great museums. I am on art overload! Looking forward to picking up a brush again.

  10. Lovely, Julie. When I first opened this on my computer it was the light fixture that caught my eye right away. You led my eye there with your vigas' shadows and the vertical flowers. However, it is beautiful no matter where I look. Wonderfully done!

  11. Of course they returned to buy it - its such a gem!

  12. Beautiful, I love these intimate scenes, you do them so well. :)

  13. You have captured that feeling of summer. Beautiful colors on the window, flower and wall but the lantern on the side just gives it something extra.
    I am happy you have solved your computer problems, my husband has been doing work on ours so it has been giving us problems, that only he understands!

  14. Beautiful! I have always loved the contrast of the adobe and the turquoise windows...someone out there was thinking a long time ago. I can understand why it sold so easily.

  15. Gorgeous Julie and a gem of a painting. The sweet window is what caught my eye and then the dancing little flowers beneath. It does not surprise me that the couple came back to buy your wonderful work after meeting you. You're a gem yourself.

  16. Your work makes me miss the painterly approach more. :-))


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