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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pansy Pleasure... continued

Pansy Pleasures - continued
8x6' oil on canvas  Sold..

What's not to like about pansies? 
They are sturdy, colorful and
have a happy face. Best of all 
they provide visual pleasure
throughout the winter months. 

Artist Note.
One of the advantages I find by 
using the Fracturing technique
is the ability to suggest something by color, 
without rendering it perfectly.
In this case, I first painted the focal point 
with the correct form of a pansy.
Once this had been established I could 
then make any shape, and as
long as I repeated a color or used 
the very distinctive yellow center,
it would read as a pansy.
Here is a close up to show you how abstract 
the one above and next to the focal pansy is.

The mind makes it a pansy 
because it is next to a pansy of 
the same color.
Also the little touch of a yellow center 
is code for pansy.

I am experimenting with painting the pansies
in watercolor on Yupo and regular paper. FUN.
but hard to get what I want. 
This is a repeat of a post I did back 
a couple of years ago. I am busy wrapping up 
the classes for the year, One more week!


  1. I love this piece, and your explanation of using color to create the impression of the objects. Well said, and gives me good food for thought. Thanks!

    1. thank you Diana. Congratulations on the acceptance into the show your beautiful portrait.

  2. This is GREAT!
    What Pretty-Pretty Pansies, JULIE!

    1. thank you Sue.
      I really enjoy the diversity of your work.

  3. Beautiful flowers...They do so well in the cold weather!!!

    1. Thanks Hilda, Love your new portrait. The way you nailed the white-t-shirt is especially awesome.

  4. It is just beautiful, Julie!!! Gorgeous colors too. Hope your classes are going super well!

  5. So Vic and I sat for a few moments marveling at your gift as an artist. He is not really a fan of still life, florals, landscapes, but he said this morning he loves yours. It's "really flippin'" good were his words. And it's true. I so agree.

    Love that brilliant dot of red off to the side of the vase. Love the whole thing, but that little dot of red is wonderful.

    Happy wrap-up.

  6. You are so wise and highly skilled, Julie. I've learned much from you, and anticipate even more! Thank you!

  7. Dear Julie - what a great lesson you just shared. I love the idea of just the suggestion by using the colors of the pansy. Very beautiful. I am so glad you showed this clever way of painting. Hope you have a delightful week-end. Hugs!

  8. It's your skillful placement of those strokes and color! You have a great eye and hand:) Beautiful work as always.

  9. Interesting reading and the piece is gorgeous !

  10. I'm watching and hoping to learn. Making the 'reader' do the work I understand from writing, but as a man-of-detail I have to undo a lot if I'm to paint 'properly'. Great lesson, thank you

  11. Very beutiful colours and nice texture !!!
    Congratulations Julie on such a beautiful piece !!!

  12. I loved how you brought our attention to the abstract quality of the flower and how it is through suggestion that we interpret it as a pansy - fascinating - and so cleverly done! A very pretty outcome Julie!

  13. As always, I love your color choices - and your edge work is so wonderful!

  14. Just beautiful! You make it sound so easy, but I know it take much skill and talent... and you have an abundance of both! Love your work!

  15. I agree, Pansies are fantastic! Love the zesty color in this

  16. So many beautiful color combinations in both paintings(the one below as well). I love seeing the details, it is a great lesson! THanks Julie!

  17. Thanks for sharing your insight Julie, love the details and how you dealt with them.


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